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SAP Drinks its own Champagne when it comes to SCN Reporting

SAP Drinks its own Champagne when it comes to SCN Reporting:

Introduction:  As SCN moves to Jive 5.0, we will use BI 4.0 ‘SAP BO Dashboard (Xcelsius)’, ‘SAP Crystal Reports’, ‘SAP BO Explorer’ and SAP HANA to get our data faster.


In a recent Jive 5 and SCN: The Right Content to the Right Person at the Right Time from Mark Yolton (SVP SCN), you would have come to know of our plans to migrate the core of our current SCN social media platform to the Jive Social Business System.

Moving to Jive does not mean we will have to move to a new reporting system as it does not have any direct impact on the reporting system.

From a reporting stand point, when we switch from one platform to another we could face the following challenges:

  1. There could be additional information that is available in the new platform which will have to be captured.
  2. Some of the information which is available in the old platform might not be available in the new platform.
  3. The way in which the information was captured in the old platform can change when you switch to the new platform.

Based on the above reasons, there is an effort involved to see if all the information captured is available. If it is available, then it should be in the  right order and format.

We felt that it would be better to put our efforts into getting a new reporting system which can provide us with better capabilities when moved to Jive, rather than trying to make the old reporting system capture all of the information. Therefore,   for SCN reporting we plan to move from our current SAP BW system to SAP HANA wherein SAP BO products will be at the front end (internally dubbed “Project BI@SCN”).

In SAP BO Front end, we use three tool’s ‘SAP BO Dashboard (Xcelsius)’, ‘SAP Crystal Reports’ and ‘SAP BO Explorer’.

  1. SAP BO Dashboard (Xcelsius): It will be used to create Executive dashboards that provide all the high level information for the Top Management.
  2. SAP Crystal Reports:  It will be used to provide detailed information which is essential for the various line managers for day-day management and operations.
  3. SAP BO Explorer: It can be used by the Top Management or Line Manager to drill down/roll up/ break up the data based on their own filter condition, instead of waiting for an ad hoc query to be specified and run by the Reporting team for them.

Reporting systems

By moving to HANA, the performance of the reporting system will improve drastically. Queries that run for hours in BW system will only take minutes to be processed in the new HANA system.

I welcome your questions and comments on this topic.

Reporting systems
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  • ...because I'm ready to celebrate with you! Great first blog Ram! This is such important news to share with our community, because it shows our continued efforts to improve back-end systems to make our community run better.

    I'm especially excited to see the various SAP BusinessObjects tools and analytics applications used in this revamp of SCN's reporting system. I've been holding my breath for a while - almost time to exhale!


    • Can I second another comment?  I don't seem to have my own ideas today.  It's very cool to see SAP using it's own products.  (I have been wondering, as many people have why Jive?  And yes, that has been answered many times in other places.)

      SAP BusinessObjects - I'm an idiot about them.  However, I have been priviliged to see them.  Oh wow they are impressive.  Nice to "hear" they will be used.

      So I second Jason too!  Pass it over - I'll happily celebrate this one.


    • I agree with Mark.  I would love to see those reporting dashboards.  It may be a little bit hard on an individual level (My suggestion don't make that public), but they could be set up to be summaries.

      Number of questions in this forums - number answered, number marked complete, number closed by moderators.  Blogs are about - what kind of trend is there? 

      I would think things like the above could be a good dashboard.  (Report for a snapshot in a timeframe.  Quarterly, yearly, +more)

      How many active members?  Trend? 

      I've seen some blogs that say we are losing active members - facts - are we really?  Some of those reports / dashboards would give us the answer to some hard questions.  Top contributors from the past year - are they still active?  Again not at an individual level, but at an overview - this top contributors / this many active still.

      Reports / dashboards like that would be great tools.  It would help internal people.  It would also help people like me...  Of course, the why wouldn't be answered.  But the real facts would be out there. 

      Maybe there can be some "what ifs"  run some different queries based upon the forum data, etc.

      Anyway, I can see a lot of use for this outside of the internal execs.


      • Thank you Mark,Jamie,Michelle and others for your feedbacks on public facing reports.
        Yes, we are planning to create public facing reports/dashboards in the future which includes metrics like how forum threads, forum messages and blogs created (by category) or in the jive world (by space).
        In my next blog i will provide an overview of what reports are being build with the new HANA system.
  • seems you are just planting the grapes from which you will produce this champagne 🙂
    Interesting initiative, and would be interesting to understand better, what kind of transactional system is used in the back-end and what kind of information is captured and reported?
  • Hello

    Nice blog and I'm looking forward to the Jive platform. It will make SCN an even better place to be.

    It would actually be interested to get an idea which reporting is being done on SCN.

    Kind regards


    • I sort of agree with this one.

      Yes, it would be nice to know what reports are being run.  - I think.  But those reports could drive behaviors on SCN.  Maybe that is a good thing - maybe that is a bad thing.

      Just thinking this morning!  I LOVE blogs that make me think - nice one.


  • Nice blog Ram:) Congrats!
    It would be nice if you can write a followup blog of how web analytics is being used to complement BI@SCN and also share with the community the performance enhancements achieved via HANA when compared to BW. This would really showcase the capabilities of HANA on real data/ business case.