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Introducing the SAP Graduate Academy

SAP recently launched a new initiative, SAP Graduate Academy, which recruits recent college graduates (MBAs & undergrads) for an 11-month rotational training program. They are provided with a highly experiential learning environment giving them a wide foundation of SAP, its business model, solutions, processes and organization.

The participants will spend 6-week rotations in hands-on learning through multiple lines of business and between those rotations they will participate in various classroom and eLearning sessions taking a deeper dive into our culture, products and solutions. They will also be trained to represent SAP and build their own digital brand through use of social media. 

I have the opportunity to share the SAP Community Network with them tomorrow, August 4, 2011, and will invite them to introduce themselves to the community by commenting on this blog.  Please give them a warm welcome to SCN!

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  • We have a few interns at my work - not as intense as the SAP Graduate Academy I'm sure.  Undergrads.   They bring a unique perspective.  It will be fun to watch what the undergrads who are in the "SAP Graduate Academy" come up with!

    I look forward to meeting them in the blogs,


  • I am always fond of these type of programs, but I can't explain why ;). Perhaps there are some future SAP Mentors in that group also.

    Take care,


  • Hello Community,

    My name is Lauren Fellure and I'm a member of the Graduate Academy.  I just graduated with my JD/MBA from Ohio State University in June.  I did my undergrad at Ohio Wesleyan University where I majored in Psychology.  During my time at Ohio State, I studied abroad at Oxford Law School in England, worked for Bank of America in Hong Kong, and recently did legal work for Scotts Miracle-Gro.  I'm looking forward to the rotational program and to networking with everyone in the Community.  It really is a great time to join SAP!  

    • It's an interesting concept.  I've read the blog and still don't really understand what that means.

      "6 weeks learning various classroom and eLearning sessions taking a deeper dive into our culture, products and solution"

      Oh well, I'm sure I will at some point.  I'm not sure what you are doing outside of the rotation.

      Goodness - Oxford Law School.  You don't do things the easy way.   It will be interesting hearing more about you, and why you decided to join SAP.  From Psychology to SAP an interesting jump.  That makes me wonder about the program even more.

      Cool you've got my interest.  Now the same question besides SAP what do you do for fun?

      I know maybe another blog.



    • Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.  Yes, I do (attempt to) have hobbies.  Currently, I'm trying to get to know the city better.  I love music, especially somewhat random alternative/lesser-known bands/artists and local bands.  I also like jazz so I've been going to Time (Sansom St.) on jazz nights.  I love travelling and hope to be able to do some non-work international travelling soon again...  I also really enjoy participating in outdoor sports - skiing, hiking and biking - and playing basketball.  Oh, and dancing.  I recently took up ballroom, but I had to take a break for awhile because it was getting expensive.  Finally, and, most importantly, I have a severe weakness for red wine and good beer.  What about everyone else?
    • Hi Jennifer!

      Does that mean you are in the SGA as well?  Very cool if you are.  If you aren't well - hi anyway.  I haven't seen much of you out in the community.

      Nice to hear a new voice!


  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Brandon Rhymer and I just joined the new SGA program here at SAP.  As a group we have just spent two weeks receiving the "firehose" treatment and are all excited and ready to get into our rotations.

    My background is primarily around Human Resources, Management, & Organizational Psychology.  I am looking forward to adding to my skill set here at SAP and helping move the company forward towards our 2015 goals and beyond.


    • Hi Brandon!

      Aha!  Someone using yet another acronym.  SGA.  Now people will see it in other places and wonder what it stands for!  (I'll be one of those in the know)

      "Fire hose" - Oh boy - That's almost as bad as saying you were in jail or initiated.   My goodness, it makes me wonder even more about the program.

      Fun - What do you do for fun?  I mean besides SAP.

      Wow!  What a big goal.  Moving SAP forward to the 2015 goals and beyond.  You will be taking on a lot of work.  A whole lot of work.  No wonder why you are all so serious.

      Welcome to the SCN family!  I look forward to hearing some more from you,


  • Hi all-

    My name is Joshua Hurst, and I'm a new member of the SAP Graduate Academy.  I'm coming off my undergrad at Central Michigan University, and I'm excited to be a contributor to the SAP Community Network.  I've been part of the SAP University Alliance for a couple years already, so I'm looking forward to when I can provide guidance on the flip side of the coin!

    • Hi Joshua!

      Central Michigan University!  That's kind of in my area. (I've been to the Soaring Eagle.  That is very pretty.)   I live in Western Michigan.  And yes, I did go to Western too.  So we went to rival colleges.

      Part of the University Alliance.  Very cool.  I've been hearing a lot about that program.  My friend Tammy is filling us in.  Perhaps a blog from you about it?  I know again I'm getting ahead of myself.

      All you "guys" are writing about SAPish type stuff.  What do you do for fun?  I know SAP is fun!  I love it too.  But you have to have other interests.  Maybe those will be in the upcoming blogs.

      Welcome to an awesome community - and what sounds like a great experience!


  • Hello fellow bloggers!
    My name is Mike Fraim and I am a member of the new Graduate Academy program here at SAP. I am a recent undergrad from West Chester University where I studied Business Management and Business Geographics as well as stayed busy working as an intern in Global IT - O2C here at SAP since November. I am extremely excited about this rewarding opportunity and have already set my goal to be a lifer here at SAP 🙂 I look forward to working with all of you and doing my best to network and learn everything possible about SAP and continue working my hardest, and going above and beyond as an employee as well as on a personal level. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I look forward to a rewarding career here at SAP!

    • Welcome Mike!

      I'm looking forward to hearing about you more!  I'd love to hear about your perspective about the program.  Each person is bound to have something different that they hated / loved about it.

      I'm glad to hear about you - and others in the response to this blog.  But hey - you guys do something other than SAP, right?  I hope.  But maybe not.  I bet the program is pretty intense.

      Lifer at SAP.  Now that sounds like Jail time.  As I am ALWAYS saying it is fun!  So maybe I'm an everlasting fan of SAP. 

      (Although the cubes sometime feel like a jail cell)

      Look forward to hearing more from you.



  • Hey everyone, my name is David Kargman. I graduated with my BA in Business & Economics from Ursinus College in 2009.  I interned at UBS Financial Services in Northfield, NJ working for two financial planners.  Upon graduating, I took a position for about a year at a small financial software company not far from NSQ.  During this time, I began my MBA at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia.  I just recently finished my MBA, and I was lucky to enough to be given this opportunity at SAP.  I was really looking for a program/position that was structured and had a good amount of training and learning opportunities.  It seems like this program definitely has that.  I am currently interested in Business Ops, BA&T, and Value Engineering.  I'm sure I will learn a great deal on these areas and others in the near future.  I really look forward to the rest of this program and being given the opportunity to utilize my skills and provide value to this great organization for years to come.
    • Hi David!

      Welcome.  We love new "blood"...  I look forward to hearing more from you.   I'd also love to know more about you.  I'm looking forward to the blogs from Jeanne that introduce more about you all.

      You know it should be a fun program.   What do you like to do besides SAP?  I may be getting ahead of myself.  I bet Jeanne asks questions like that for her blog.

      Finance?  Yuck! to each his own.  I was originally going to be an accountant when I started college.  I quickly learned it wasn't for me.  I rarely find myself working in the FI/CO area of SAP.

      Hope to hear a lot more from you!  I'm curious about how the program will be going.  If it meets all your expectations, goals,...

      Boy long response to you!



      • Hey Michelle.  Thank you for the welcome.  I'll tell you what - so far, everything has exceeded my expectations.  We have had a lot of great people come in and speak to us.  I have learned a great deal already. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this program and the prospect of working for this great company for years to come.

        On a personal note, I really enjoy spending time with family and friends. I'm also a big sports fan - Philadelphia sports to be more specific.  Where are you located?  I'm assuming if it is not in the greater Philadlephia area, you don't share my affection!

        Anyway, I'll be sure to be in touch and let you know how the program is progressing.


  • I think this is a great idea!  This Community is very active in SCN as well as Twitter, FB, G+.  And, what a bonus that you get to work with Jeanne as well.


    Karin Tillotson

  • Great initiative Jeanne and WELCOME Graduate Academy members!  Looking forward to hearing from you guys on Jeanne's blog and also hope to get to meet you and work with you at SAP.

    I heard Jeanne's session was a lot of fun this afternoon.  Hope you enjoyed it, learned some about SAP Community Network, and that we'll see you online in the future!

    Thanks Jeanne for introducing us all to these new members of the SAP family!


  • Thanks to everyone for posting your intros, and to those of you who reached out with a welcome.  I'd like to see more participants from the SGA sharing. Those of you who already chimed in, encourage your peers.

    As to the questions about this program...
    It's not an internship.  The "students" are graduates, several with MBAs.  They are SAP new hires who are going through a special 6 month training program that will help them become professionals in multiple areas:  Solution Engineering, Value Engineering, Inside Sales, Account Executives, etc.  Most of them are social media savvy.  We (SAP) are glad to have them on board!

    • Thank you for the clarification! I was thinking Intern.  

      It will be interesting to read future blogs from them about the program, and what it really is.  What it means to them.  ... and more


  • Hi there,

    I'm a first year Kellogg MBA student with a former experience in
    SAP-EPM solutions in Consulting and Business Development.

    I'd like to learn more about the SAP graduate academy: its
    content, its opening to MBA students and the opportunities offered post

    I'd be glad if I could get in touch with either one of the
    program coordinator, or an alumnus.

    Thank you very much in advance.