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How to keep up-to-date on SAP technology and news

I found the blog Developing a learning culture in your SAP technology team from John Moy very interesting (Developing a learning culture in your SAP technology team – Part 1). I thought about the way I keep myself up to date with SAP technology and what’s happening in the SAP world. So here we go…

RSS feeds

I subscribed to several SDN RSS feeds like the SDN Community home page, blogs and articles in my areas of interests (mainly Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Warehouse). I have been doing this for years now and found that this keeps me well up to date (news, technologies, etc.). If I find an interesting blog or article, I usually send it to my team or whoever may be interested in my organisation (for example, I sent John Moy’s blog to my own management).

Personally, I use FeedReader ( I setup the options so that it runs when I switch on my PC in the morning. Usually, it takes me a few minutes to go through the various feeds and read the articles of interest. When I am finished, I close the reader for the day (see options below). I do that because 1) reading news once a day is enough for me and 2) I don’t like to be notified in real time of feed updates because it interrupts whatever you’re currently doing (being interrupted like that by machine or other people is giving up control of your time).


To tweet or not to tweet

After reading John Moy’s blog, I decided to open a Twitter account to follow some of the SAP feeds. I added @SAPCommNet, @SCNblogs, @SCNLibrary, @SAPlearn and @SAPMentors to my list.After a few days, I found that I already received most of the information via my RSS feeds. So, having a twitter account to follow these SAP accounts is of little interest to me. Obviously, this is another story if you plan to post tweets, etc.

How to get tweets in your RSS reader

Note that you can get the contents of Twitter feeds in you RSS reader. To do so:


Some more examples:


As Confucius said I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. So, do try the different approaches for a few days and keep the one(s) that suit(s) you.

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  • Hello François

    RSS feeds are often overlooked by many but they do matter and are in fact very useful.

    I use Google Reader for my RSS feeds and I fetch data from it using Pulse on iPad. Pulse gives me a nice graphical overview of the RSS content.

    You can also generate RSS feeds using using the advanced search option you can search for terms, account tweets and so on.

    Kind regards


    • Tom,

      Thanks for your feedback. I installed Pulse on my Android tablet and found it pretty neat. I like the ability to view "web" contents and be able to navigate through the posts at the same time. I will test-drive it for a while before switching definitively.

      Regarding Twitter, I couldn't find the RSS button... until I switched to the old Twitter interface (that's what happens to Twitter newbies)!

      I will also certainly switch to Google Reader as it is available from everywhere (PC, tablet, etc.). Nothing like being in the cloud!


    • Marlo,

      Thanks for you comments. I didn't know of Jon Reed. I read with interest his post on "The Power of Pull". I really like his point of view and he seems to be a pragmatic and experienced guy. It's all good food for thoughts.

      As far as "agregators" are concerned, I will definitively explore this for my areas of interests.


      • Hello François

        You should definitely check out more of Jon's content in that case.

        You can find youtube videos of Jon explaining Google Reader functionalities and lots more on finding/tracking/feeding SAP information using "The Power of Pull". Definitely worth checking out.

        For example:
        SAP on Twitter: How to Track SAP Conversations and Market News with Jon Reed of - Part 1

        Kind regards


          • Aww you guys - I appreciate your comments. Francois from one RSS die hard to another, pleased to meet you. I saw your blog as soon as it came out and have been meaning to comment on it, I will do so either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot for sharing how you get the most out of these tools, it's very valuable to read.

            - Jon

  • Thanks for sharing your tips!
    Our community is so rich with information because of people like you who take time to spell out what is obvious and useful to you (but not always so obvious to someone else).

    I appreciate your approach to layout various paths to the same information, cause as you said, others may use it differently.

    I use both, Twitter and RSS feeds for the areas that interest me.  I'm slightly biased towards Twitter because I manage the @SAPCommNet account. But if time is short and you want to get the meat directly, RSS is the way to go. Twitter is a great path for those who want to be part of the conversation and are looking to engage.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I can't get to twitter at work.  I'll have to try setting up the RSS feed.  I may be able to get it pushed into work.  That would be cool.  I could be kept up to date that way.  I'll try it tonight when I get home.

    I usually click on blogs in the morning, and read those that interest me.  Of course, that isn't enough, and I do other things.  BUT it helps me.  I get to read things like this blog.

    I love the comments - I'm off to read Jon's blog next.

    Nice one!  I've been having a good blog reading morning.


  • Hi
    Good Article. I am using RSS Reader for a long time. It is really good.

    I am more interested of there is any way to keep up to date with SAP Notes?


    • Surya,

      Don't know of any RRS feed for SAP Notes. I believe you can subscribe to TopNotes and things like but I have never used it. You can also search for notes based on release dates.


  • A few more comments Francois: I love how you've made these tools your own and know that once a day for you is the right way to get the info without getting swamped. That's what we all have to figure out, how to stay on top of things without losing sight of our core priorities, deliverables, managers' expectations. 🙂

    I'm a huge RSS junkie as you can tell from the stuff you saw in the videos and the Power of Pull piece. I am hoping that when SAP upgrades SCN into the Jive platform they will keep all the RSS feeds in place as that will wreak havoc on what I do and how I share content if they do. 🙂 That's one piece you could consider adding to your routine - it's so easy to share stuff now that you could consider have a Twitter account that simply shared a few pieces you liked each day. That's what I do with my @jonerpnewsfeed, though in my case I usually post a few articles a couple times a day that are highlights of the enterprise stories I track/read, the best of the best if you will. I love the idea of curating content and sharing the best of what we see with each other. This helps push through the noise.

    If you decide you want to cast a wider net than SCN there are some good news/article curators out there. I track my fellow enterprise curators @sap_jarret and @dbmoore who post many links in their Twitter feeds (along with their own tweets).

    I find it more useful to track Twitter keywords by RSS than for example one person's whole stream by RSS. Twitter is downplaying RSS and I'm worried they will abandon it which will be a real bummer. "SAP webinar replay" is one of my fave standing RSS keyword searches for Twitter  which brings a small amount of really useful content each week - webinars I can view easily after the fact. Fortunately there are still now hacks you can use to get RSS feeds of either users or keywords, hopefully they will remain.

    I look forward to hearing how your content tracking adventures evolve. I love Google Reader, it has a few limitations but it's speed and cloude based and easy sharing attributes are excellent.

    - Jon

  • Hi François,

    the way i look at it is when you follow the right people on twitter they become your human feeders, i mean, curators. but, i may be accused of abusing twitter, anyway.


    PS. can't wait to follow your tweets on SEM-BCS.