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Three (3) Reasons to Attend SAP Inside Track in NSQ 2011

People – Processes – Technolgy

Yep.  Those are the three reasons, short and simple.

People: Check the SAP Inside Track NSQ 2011 wiki to see some of the experts presenting and A-listers who will be available physically (and virtually) to learn from, network with, query and meet.

Technology: Many of the things you have heard about in the SAP emerging technology stack and future trends, as well as the practical, everyday stuff you need to get things done.  Get a look at HANA, Mobile Device Management, Gateway, while also exchanging enterprise grade tips and tricks with folks who share their real life work experiences and make themselves very accessible. 

Processes:  Guest appearances by folks who work internally in SAP to enhance Process and Design Thinking and learn from some of the top thinkers in Process Orchestration.  See/hear about SAP processes from SAP insiders, developers and mentors.


What are you waiting for?  Register for SAP Inside Track NSQ 2011 here


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    • Virtual attendance too of course if you want a "drive by" for any of the sessions.  With TechEd hard on the heels of this event, I'm sure I'll be catching up with many of the community in Las Vegas but the intimacy of the SAP Inside Track not to be discounted.
  • It's fun.  Or I know it will be.  What a great group of people!  I will try to catch some of the session virtually.

    It's Fun - meeting the people.  There are so many nice people out there.  But they are all a little crazy.  We work in SAP after all.

    Technology!  Oh boy - new toys!  Enough said.

    Processes -OK - this is fun too.  Perhaps getting some of the reasons behind the processes.  Understanding the process is a big part of our battle.

    Just plain old - learning something.  That's always fun.

    So my addition is as always - fun!  It was a blast at SIT Chicago.  And I learned a lot too. 

    Enjoy!  I'll be thinking about you all and wishing I could have been there.  Just not local for me.  (Michigan)


    • Well, Jeanne didn't forget to add that element in the short promo on video.  And anyone around her infectious laugh will know that she makes hard work into joyous play.  The moment I met some of last year's newbies to the event: Greg Meyers and Derek Loranca, I knew that as "serious" and intelligent as their content presentations were, they had the potential for quite a bit of edutainment as well.
      See these videos for reference around fun:
      Greg's video
      Derek's video