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SAP Inside Track Newtown Square 2011

Guess what?  After 2010’s successful SAP Inside Track mini-conference, there’s a sequel in the works!!  On August 12th, SAP Inside Track will return to SAP’s North American headquarters in Newtown Square, PA.  Inside Tracks are community sponsored mini-conferences that are free to attend and present at.  That’s right…free to attend AND present!


Have you always thought about speaking on a topic, but could never find the right ‘home’ for it?  Then Inside Track might be the place for your debut!  The beauty of an Inside Track is that the community IS the content.  Did you have a project that went really smooth and would like to share your steps for success?  Then submit it as a candidate when you register! 


OK…so you don’t want to speak.  That’s cool, too.  Then register as an attendee- it’s free!  You read that correctly: there is NO cost to you.  For a day full of education from experts, your peers and Me.  I usually pay people to hear me talk, so you get the pleasure for free!  Please also remember the ability to network with folks, too!  Do you ‘tweet’? You would be surprised how many new followers and people you choose to follow can come out of an Inside Track.


To be honest, my first Inside Track was the 2010 Newtown Square and I had a GREAT time.  I met so many new people.  Users, techies, managers, consultants- all there.  Want to meet SAP Mentors, ASUG Volunteers, SCN gurus and maybe even some SAP management?  These folks were all in attendance last year and I bet some will be back this year!


If this sounds like it’s too good to be true, then you’re WRONG!  August 12th is the date and the link to experience it for yourself is right here:


Now, for ASUG Members- you can also come and support fellow ASUG’ers Tammy Powlas and I as we present on the importance of ASUG Influence Councils. Or come support ASUG’er Greg Myers as he goes all BusinessObjects techie in his session. 


Also on the schedule: John Appleby discussing HANA, Jocken Hager talking about Managing SAP Document and Data Archiving in the cloud and Jay Riddle covering how to prepare for BusinessObjects BI 4.0 w/insights about New Features and more! 


Registration is approaching the magic number of 100.  Come and join us for this awesome day of learning and community spirit!

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  • Derek,

    as we will try to do some tracking for social media of this event, what is the official hashtag?

    Would be good if all those Tweeting and blogging could use it, ideally even on Facebook. That way,we'll get the best reporting.



      • Do Inside Tracks frequently happen at the same time?

        I am asking as it would be easier to have a single hashtag for all events. Makes it memorable and easy to follow.

        For example, we use #SAPPHIRENOW or #SAPTEchEd which everybody knows. But, maybe there is a reason you want ot keep this event specific/local?

        It's the social media marketer in me asking :-).

      • Could the hashtag be #SAPIT or is there a reason we need to show the location?

        Asking, as we have #SAPTechEd and #SAPPHIRENOW so that people worldwide can tune in any time without having to remember much (or know when an event is on)...

        Do a lot of Inside Tracks happen at the same time?

  • Free and for some people close to home.  (Not me in this case so I will not be going.)  It is put on by SCN members.  They work to bring you a place to learn where you can just sit back and enjoy.

    Don't like the sessions / speaker line up?  Well, guess what?  You can present yourself.  Now there is a session out there that you would want to go to.

    So if you live anywhere near Newtown Square, I would try to get to this event!  These are almost as cool as SAP Teched.  Plus there are some ways this is better than Teched.  (only a few because I love Teched) The biggest one is that it is a smaller crowd.  You get to interact with more people.  It's easier to ask questions.  Convince the boss?  It's free. It's training, and it can be local for you.  So no expenses.  (Or limited ones with mileage.)  Can't convince your boss, and live close.  Why not take a vacation day and upgrade your skills.  And guess what?  It's fun too.

    BR - I'm sure you'll have a great event!