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The 4 C’s of a Successful Mobile Strategy

By: Neil Hooper, VP Sales, Mobility at SAP


According to the Pew Internet Project, over a third of American adults own a smartphone (  Not only is this trend dramatically affecting the way we communicate, consume information and shop, but it is also rapidly changing the way we work.


Employees are no longer just using their internal, company IT-controlled computers to access work email and data, instead they are using iPhones, Androids, tablets and a wide array of other smart devices—devices that utilize external mobile networks and sit outside of a company’s firewall.  Chances are you support your  employees using their personal devices to check important company information, such as receiving email, sharing schedules, performing approvals.  Allowing them to do so raises many  concerns, including : reliable access to company applications such as email, usage of approved internal applications needed to support job functions, and personal and corporate security.  An ideal mobile device management solution should offer control over all of these areas as well as protection for the enterprise.


A well-thought mobile strategy will also consider the right platform for developing applications – one that offers the ability to connect and integrate with other software, web services and API’s.  The platform will allow the company to create and build its own mobile business objects or applications, and have a community of 3rd party providers who also develop on this platform. Finally, the selected platform should make it easy for all users to consume the mobile information, meaning a company can build an application once and it will automatically be fitted and deployed to heterogeneous smartphone devices, saving the company excessive development time up front and support time over the long term.  Furthermore, the platform must be future-proof, allowing for even devices introduced in the future access to applications.


The SAP Sybase mobile offerings delivers all four C’s of a successful mobile solution (connect, create, consume, and control).  The Afaria Mobile Device Management Solution provides control over information and devices. .  In addition, the Sybase Unwired Platform provides connection to any backend software, , web services and external API’s, providing the flexibility of creating customized applications and the ease for users of all devices to consume mobile info. 


With all four C’s working together, a company can deliver company information l and customized applications in a secure way to all of its employees on various devices, regardless of who owns them.




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  • Hi There,

    Firstly - good article and I would agree with you on most counts, however if I may play the devils advocate for a minute, one of the questions I have been asked on this subject is around control.

    Yes it is very important that we retain control over both the data and how it is consumed, but how happy are end-users going to be about giving up control of their own devices so that they can be administered by their corporate network administrators. As you say, 1/3 of adults in the US currently own a smart-phone, how many of them are personal devices? If I had shelled out $200+ for a phone, I personally would not want my company taking control over that device.

    I am not disagreeing with you that Afaria does indeed provide the solution for retaining control and delivering data, but how happy will users be about it?


    • Hi Brenton,

      You definitely have a valid point.  I would be wary if my company wished to control my own personal device as well.

      However the great thing about the Afaria Mobile Device Management Solution is that it provides both personal and corporate security.  This means that there are multiple layers of security that protect both your private info and your company's info and there is no crossover or leaking of data.