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ABAP Web Dynpro – Old Dog Tricks CD120 at Vegas Teched

ABAP WebDynpro? 

My latest and greatest thing that I learned is ABAP Webdynpro.  Now this is fairly old technology.   I know this.  My company just doesn’t move forward very fast.   Now we are moving into more web based SAP components like RPM, SRM, HR, and more of portals.  Do you have to have any of these systems to learn something new?  No.  I really started before any of these.  But I can really use what I’ve learned now.

ABAP Webdynpro vs. ALV

Really though – Webdynpro.  I’ve been thinking about it.   I can easily compare it to the old dynpros.  You’d be surprised at how many things move over.  It’s even easier to compare it to ALV programming.  I have a simple example that is not meant to teach you how to create a WebDynpro – here.   It’s only meant to show how alike Webdynpro ALV and good old ALV are.

CD120 – Why???

So what does that have to do with my Las Vegas session – “The Old Dog Tricks That will Help you Build an Application FAST!”.  Well – really – it doesn’t have a lot to do with it.  Except, I’m trying to say – don’t throw away all your old tricks.  They will help you with the “New stuff”.  “New stuff” is a relative term.  It may be ABAP Objects, Web Dynpro, JAVA Dynpro, BSP – or any other new development tool.  It’s nice to remember that it is still based on ABAP – OK maybe not the JAVA but.. A lot of your tricks will apply to the new world.

Session summary

So what is my session about?  It can be summarized in one word KISS.  (Keep it simple because I’m Stupid)  OK – there is more to it.  The session is all about the “old” tricks.  Some of you may have heard the tricks in the session.  Some you may have not heard about them.  Some you used to know these tricks and have forgotten.  It is an attempt of putting these old tricks back in front of you.   And showing you that, yes, they are still valuable.  There will be a lot of demos.  I hope for a lot of interaction with you!   At the end there is a program I created using some of the old tricks.  We probably won’t even get there.  But the complete program is at the end of the session for your take home enjoyment.

I’m going to be talking about Change Documents, Text Objects, Patterns, Table Maintenance, Debug, give you a list of some helpful transactions – and hopefully demo a few.  As always I’m hoping you’ll bring some questions to stump me. 

We will go as fast or as slow as we need to – the cool part about this session.  When you are done, you’ll have something you can immediately use!

My personal Example

I was working with an unnamed consultant.  He was creating an internal ID.  He was going to create a table, and a program for sequential numbering.  I reminded him of Number Ranges.  Things like that will save you from too much custom code.  It will save you maintenance later.  Let’s start thinking about some of those “old” tricks.

Personal Promotion of my Session

So I hope you’ll stop by!!!  I know there are many, many good sessions at Teched.  So I won’t feel bad if no one comes.  (Sure I won’t.  One person would be nice.) 

No matter what, I hope you come to TechEd.  It is:


There are beginner sessions.  There are advanced sessions.  There are – my favorite – hands on sessions.  There are session about all the new toys.  There are also some session about old toys that we left behind in a closet.  Time to brush them off!!!!  

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  • Yes, this is really important to show some old established techniques to the newbies:

    Before you go with FPM Floorplan Manager (according to SAP the only web dynpro methodology/technology to be used in the future), it is good to understand the SAP message concept, the message classes and message types, how easy it is to create your own messages with optional long text, collect messages in application log, translate messages and many other objects, and and and, you name it!