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10 MORE things I’d like to see Added to OrgChart (SAP VSN)

I would like to follow the Ten Things I’d Like to See Added to OrgChart (SAP VSN) of Stephen Burr, and write my own list of 10 things I would like to see in SAP’s Org Visualization by Nakisa OrgChart application.

As an ex-Nakisa employee, I have undertaken full training with Nakisa at their HQ in Montreal.  Using this experience as well as my experience on projects to date, I wanted to add my own list of 10 things I’d like to see added to OrgChart to Stephen’s previous blog.

Like Stephen, I’ve put them in my order of preference.

1.       Dummy node

Dynamic Org Unit rooting has been available for a while now, which allows the user to see their own org unit as the starting point when the OrgChart application opens.  But some users want to see multiple Org Units, often from different parts of the business.  For example, an Org Unit manager to see his Area of Responsibility in the same way as in the SuccessionPlanning application (Talent Visualization by Nakisa solution extension).

I have achieved this through customization

a.       Live:

Using custom BAPI

b.      Staged:

By doing some changes in the SAP Extractor (download schema).

I created some script to create this dummy Node automatically for each user.

Example screenshot showing a dummy node at the root

Dummy Node

2.       Customizable actions in basket

I have had many customers who have wanted to mark several Org Units or positions then perform the action to open their details or profile at one time.  I think we need a way to customize the basket actions or actions in general in the Admin console.

3.       Upgrade tool/program

So far we see many versions of OrgChart 1.0, 1.1, 2.1, 3.0, 3.0 SP1.  While some improvements have been made to manage upgradeability, every customization is not upgradeable between versions, causing customers to think twice before upgrading their version.

What I think would be better if there is a logical tool which gets all customization and upgrade it to the target platform. It can also highlight which parts can’t be upgraded automatically.  I don’t think this is a big issue since the change is always logical and constant. 

4.       Theme/styles editor in the Admin console

Rather than writing code in the CSS, then ending with an inconsistent code or view we should have an easy way where we will be able to change colors and style of the theme and also directly preview our change. A good example is seen in the NetWeaver portal Theme editor.

This will include also Flex components styles customization.

5.       OSS patches

Currently you have to deploy/undeploy the software whenever there is new build release for OSS fixes.  Of course remembering to export then import any configurations/customizations. 

I think it would be better to have a way of applying upgrades/fixes directly on the Admin console.  At the very least some fixes should be able to be applied directly (as per Advanced Corrections found in OSS notes).

6.       Error notifications

I think we should have a mechanism for administrators to be informed whenever Nakisa faces a DB, SAP or Java error and then these errors should be sent along with severity automatically to the system administrator.

7.        Check tool for customization

Instead of having only save and publish, I think we could have also check button which basically check all the XML/XSL changes and see if they are consistent.  So the check will give the developer a list of the inconsistent files.

I think the logic here should be to parse all XMLs and make sure there are no syntax errors or logical errors.  For example, referencing a data element that does not exist or the name is mistakenly written.  This would also help identify errors and remove redundant configuration.

8.       Dynamic view box height and width

I think this self explanatory but I would like to see boxes expanding dynamically to the longest name.  I think it is important that all boxes (of the same object type) are the same size for consistency.

9.       Customization of PDF output

Most companies use their own fonts or colors. I think the Chartbook export is a very good tool, but it would be useful if we could enhance it to easily meet the customer requirements.

The idea here is to add a component in the Admin console, which allows for configuration of the fonts and fonts color for all the PDF or PPT export. Of course, we can start by using the standard global fonts and colors.

10.   Enable more languages

Language support is increasing (OSS note “1514564 – Language Support for STVN / SOVN” lists support per version) but I would like to see (and expect there will be) further language support, hopefully including the right to left writing languages (for example Urdu (Indian), Persian, and Arabic).

OrgChart  provides the employees and the manager a very helpful information.  Therefore, most customers would like to have the maximum customization available. That is why in my opinion the demand for more functionality in the Admin console will rise.

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      Author's profile photo Stephen Burr
      Stephen Burr

      Thanks for following up my own blog ... I'm glad I inspired some further ideas.

      I particularly like 1 and 3 on your list!

      Best wishes,


      Author's profile photo Ibrahim Nagy
      Ibrahim Nagy
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks Stephen