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Migration of Update Rules, 3.x InfoSources, and Transfer Rules

Much of the business content we are activating is built upon the 3.x data flow methodology.  It may be desirable (performance, flexibility, consistency) to upgrade to 7.0 technologies as we implement these solutions for productive usage. 


Note the key difference from a logic perspective is that 3.x goes

DataSource -> transfer rules -> InfoSource -> update rules -> InfoProvider.

In 7.0 we could have just DataSource -> transformation -> InfoProvider. 

Because SAP doesn’t know how to automatically combine the separate transfer rules and update rules into a single transformation, an automated “migration” actually results in two separate transformations running through an InfoSource (virtual level). 


In some cases, it might therefore be worthwhile to manually implement the transformation using the 3.x rules only as a guideline.  This needs to be evaluated based upon the complexity of the rules in the 3.x transfer and update rules. 


I wanted to provide a recommended way to “migrate” from 3.x to 7.0 technologies.

Here is a standard 3.x example.










Don’t do this first — if you migrate the DataSource to 7.0 immediately, the transfer rules will be deleted and won’t be available as a reference!

















Warning SAP provides:












1. To migrate the update rules to a transformation, right-click and choose the following option.










2. Click the green check mark to create a “New InfoSource”.













3. Choose an appropriate name.  Replacing just the first number with a Z would work well.

















4. The white icon represents our new inactive transformation.











5. It contains all of the rules we need, and just needs to be activated.  It is possible that a syntax error would be introduced by the migration, so they are resolved manually.




















6. Now we can migrate the transfer rules as well.










7. Now that the InfoSource has been built, we can use it in migrating the transfer rules to a transformation.













8. Note that even after this step is successfully completed, the DataSource -> InfoSource is not visible.  This is because the DataSource is still in 3.x format.










9. Now we can finally migrate the DataSource to 7.0

















10. I would recommend the With Export option, which allows us to recover the 3.x DataSource, transfer rules, and update rules if necessary.












11. Now the transformation from DataSource -> InfoSource is available.  Again this needs to be activated to be usable.  Also note the 3.x update rules are still available.  I would recommend deleting these rules eventually.











12. Existing InfoPackages can continue to be used, but have been automatically converted to load only to PSA.





















13. A DTP needs to be created manually to load data from PSA to InfoProvider.













14. All of the fields will be automatically populated correctly, so the DTP only needs to be activated and run.



















Some tips on Routines


Dont work.



END OF itab.



TYPES:BEGIN OF line_type,


END OF line_type.

DATA itab TYPE TABLE OF line_type.


Short forms of internal table line operations are not allowed. For example, you cannot use the syntax INSERT TABLE itab. However, you can use INSERT wa INTO TABLE itab.


Transformations do not permit READ itab statement in which the system reads values from header lines. For example, the code READ TABLE itab. is now outdated, but you could use the code READ TABLE itab WITH KEY . . . INTO wa.

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