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Argument between User Exit and Enhancement Spot

User Exit: Hello, sunshine

Enhancement Spot: S’up old ****?

User Exit: I am the boss and I have been with the system since it was born

Enhancement Spot: Sorry to say, but you are old news, and you will be GOING IF NOT GONE

User Exit: You can’t talk to me like that! I am more experienced and powerful

Enhancement Spot: Oh yes, here is a news flash – I am the one who is going to be survive and be liked by customers because they don’t need to re-write me after an upgrade!

User Exit: Clients are stuck with me. I am all over their system. It will take them ages to get rid of me!

Enhancement Spot: I am the future and the client can’t live without me.  Before you know it, SAP going to fall in love with me.

User Exit: Dream on kid, I ruled the SAP system landscape and right now I am the one the SAP system loves

Enhancement Spot: Seems like somebody needs to look in a mirror.  Mark my words you are going if not gone

User Exit: If I accept that for a second, why me.  I have served SAP systems for so many years.  Addressed so many problems and just like that I am out of picture.  Are you saying I am tool old and too fat?

Enhancement Spot: Come on now, don’t be ridiculous.  You enjoyed your time and now it is my time.  Come on, let’s talk about how can we team up and get rid of BAPIs a.k.a ( Business Application Programming Interfaces).



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  • Seriously…WTF?!
    • What The F….Seriously… wooowww .. It really grab your Ba__S …Almost, forget to say “Pardon my French” 🙂

      I really don’t know what to say you, but for sure thanks for your comments

      • My comment is more than you deserve for this blog, not instructive and the worst is that tries to be funny and it’s not funny at all, I hope you think twice before write a blog like this again, I think you can do it better 🙂


        • The problem is that this blog attempts in a humorous way to show the problem that has been created by completely focusing on the new stuff and never going back to fix old code.  Not every blog needs to solve the problem.  Based on the tone, letting the audience decide the answer is best way to end this.

          I got the BAPI concept, because many years ago the concept of making an R/3 system have business API’s to be called remotely was a new way of thinking.  If you got rid of the BAPI’s then user exits/enhancement spots could do what they want without worry :).

          Take care,


  • Thanks for the try.

    If the terms “User Exit” and “Enhancement Spot” are exchanged in the argument, it would be quite the same as it does not mention any difference between the two. There is not relation what so ever with BAPI, why mention that?

    Weak argument!

    • I guess BAdIs the term he was looking for. Anyway: I don’ t like blogs like these – without any substantial information, just for collecting points I suppose. They only make blog search slow and result sets confusing.
    • BAPI is old as an user exit, that is the reason I have put BAPI instead of BADI. 

      Thanks for your comments though!

      ~ Saquib3

  • This blog probably should be switched to the ranting category instead of ABAP.

    Now on the more serious side the comments about user-exits never going away are so true from a customer perspective who has been running SAP for many years.  None of the shiny new “bling” in-memory, mobile, analytics, and on-demand is going to free us from having to clean up the decisions of the past.

    Unfortunately this is the type of problem that needs some humor to help ease the pain of the associated headache.

    Take care,


  • It’s an interesting point of view.  You really never present which is the better way of doing things – So my question is which would you recommend and why?  Maybe that’s another blog.

    I do like the humor.  Sometimes we take ourselves way to seriously.

    My ten cents – enhancement spots are a lot like modifying SAP code.  If there is a user exit available I use it.   My rule of thumb: BADI, User Exit, then Enhancement spot.   That is open to debate, of course.

    I wish there had be some sort of argument on one side and then the other with a conclusion of what you would use and why.  And then, I think the other comments would go away.

    Nice attempt and please keep blogging, keep the end results of what you want to convey in your mind.  Then reread and make sure you’ve made your point.  With humor, well if you’ve read my blogs, you know at times I move into the humor area without any problem.  So I don’t think that’s an issue.

    I read this blog and think – well I guess enhancement spot is what Saquib3 is trying to say is the best.  But the only real reason given is because it is the newer technology offered.  I like a better – why.  And for this one.  I personally think that it would be fun to debate the issue.

    Hope to see more blogs with some clearer points!


    Anyone else have ideas on what they use, when they use it, and why?  I’d love to see that added in the comments.

  • Implicit enh. spots are the coolest. Now, I don’t have to spend time searching for a user exit, that can help me… 
  • one thing iam not getting why they need to get rid of  BAPI instead they should have said BADI
    • A BADI works similar to a user exit, or even better similiar to a enhancement point.  So from my standpoint the argument is user exit, enhancement spot, or BADI.  I think BADIs are being slowly replaced with enhancment spots.  But that’s just me, and I am not from SAP.

      BAPI – BAPI is putting information into an SAP system.  Doing it without the old call transaction or create batch process.  

      So it could be argued that a BAPI is a good thing to put in here.  Because of a BADI, user exit, or enhancement point, you may not have to write a program to call the BAPI. 

      Or it was just a mix up when writing the blog