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Internet search button on your Xcelsius dashboard

The demography of any office such as ours (a conglomerate of diverse phylum and genus constituting a jumbled hierarchy of corporate social structure)has innumerable classifications based on how you want to study it- people with ideas and no work, people with work and no ideas, people with a protruding belly and a bald head, people with the sole ambition of getting  promoted next year, people with a wife problem, people with a no wife problem, and not to forget that perennial piles problem…. all sorts of people; different size and shape from diverse habitats; But Wally is our patented attraction: he has an entire Phylum dedicated to himself, of which he is also the sole member. His workstation is a tourist spot for some and for some it is the holy shrine of our corporate religion.

Today he wanted us to plug an internet search button in the dashboard we were building for a particular customer. Now, why would anyone want to do a Google or SDN search from an inventory snapshot dashboard, which shows the material stock of different plants and warehouses? What is this customer?

We were told to include some thing like this in the dashboard:

Upon very little enquiry we came to know that it was our Wally who (during one of his mad spree- trying to mesmerize and regale everyone) has committed this feature to our customer; who still apparently has no clue as to why they must have it. I have no idea either, but here is how you do it:

1.       Drag a URL button from the components to the canvas.

2.       Put a suitable Label(Search in SDN) and link URL to a particular cell (say A2).


3.       Drag an input text box to the canvas.

4.       Link the destination to another cell (say A4)—this is where the ‘to be searched’ text would be placed.


5.       Take another cell (B4) and type the below URL segment

 (this is the URL which is dynamically generated when you search something in SDN)

6.       On the cell A2(which you linked to URL in step 2) concatenate the cell B4 to cell A4.  Excel formula for this is “=Concatenate(B4,A4)”.

Basically what we are doing here is, creating the full URL that has the search string embedded. The URL button simply executes this URL.

So, lets say you typed ‘BW’ in the input text(search) field.

 In this case:

cell A4 = ‘BW’; and cell A2 =


You are are simply executing this URL to get the search page from SDN.


For google search use the below URL:

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      Former Member
      Sometimes thing which appear so difficult becomes so easy with little innovation and great Ideas.
      Really helpful in the world of demanding customer...where we always need to say customer first 🙂
      Surely in near future we require to provide more interactive option to end user.

      Good and informative blog Arka!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      But if someday I need to do that I will come back to this post. Very interesting.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      Glad to hear that Erika 🙂 Hopefully, by then i shall be able to figure out to display the result on some tab or something in the same dashboard.

      I am facing the same challenge when i try to create a blog (rss feed)reader using Xcelcius.

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      Former Member
      Agree with Sangita, saved a few hours of our works.