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How to Convert a Standard Info Cube in to a Real-Time Info Cube with Data

How to Convert a Standard Info Cube in to a Real-Time Info Cube with Data

This blog will help us to Converting a Standard Info Cube in to a Real-Time Info Cube with Data.

Reason for Conversion

There could be a couple of reasons why you might wish to convert your Standard Info Cube to a Real-Time Info Cube:

  1. Your user’s needs may change and you require the data to be kept closer to real-time.
  2. The amount of data you are loading increases and you’re finding the Info Cube’s write performance is simply too slow.
  3. The data is simultaneously written to the Info Cube by multiple users

The Real-Time Info Cube supports parallel write access making it much faster compared to the Standard Info Cube. This can be combined with a daemon service that is scheduled to check the Info Source for any changes, if found the delta is quickly updated. This can be used in different scenarios like:

1st Scenario:

Actual data (read-only access) and planning data (read-only and write access) have to be held in different Info Cubes. Therefore, use a standard Info Cube for actual data and a real-time Info Cube for planning data. Data integration is achieved using a multi-planning area that contains the areas that are assigned to the Info Cubes. Access to the two different Info Cubes is controlled by the Planning area characteristic that is automatically added.

2nd Scenario:

In this scenario, the plan and actual data have to be together in one Info Cube. This is the case, for example, with special rolling forecast variants. You have to use a real-time Info Cube, since both read-only and write accesses take place. You can no longer directly load data that has already arrived in the Info Cube by means of an upload or import source. To be able to load data nevertheless, you have to make a copy of the real-time Info Cube and flag it as a standard Info Cube and not as real-time. Data is loaded as usual and is subsequently updated to the real-time Info Cube.

How to convert:

  1. Go to the ABAP Editor (SE80) and select Edit Object


    2. Execute the program ‘ SAP_CONVERT_NORMAL_TRANS’


    3.Standard cube with data before conversion


    4. Enter the Info Cube’s name and execute for conversion


Once the Info Cube has been converted it will be ready and any data you previously had in the Info Cube will remain intact.

    5. Real time  cube with data after conversion



Pre-caution: Schedule this report as a background job for Info Cubes with more than 10,000 data records because the runtime could potentially be long.

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      Hii Sriman,

      Well articulated documents

      Thanks for sharing.



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      Atilla Kartogullari

      Hii Sriman,

      Can i convert my cube in real time without hana ?