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Caboodle – Part 6 – BOBJ4 Client Tools Install

Continuing from my last blog, Caboodle – Part 5 – BW Client from NSP

Client Tools are the BOBJ4 specific programs such as Interactive Analysis (Web Intelligence), Advanced Anaysis(web edition/voyager), BI Launch Pad(InfoView), etc.

All Client tools are 32bit, and no license keys are required.

2.8.2011 update: SP2 will cleanly install. No need for any previous installations. Note: Screen shots below were taken during SP0 install, however, the installation process, on the surface, is identical to SP2.


Unlike previous SPs I have installed, SP1 requires the original SP0, found here from the SMP

Software Downloads->Installations and Upgrades->Browse our Download Catalog->SAP BusinessObjects portfolio->SBOP BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM (SBOP ENTERPRISE)->SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.0->Installation and Upgrade->WINDOWS



Install Client Tools

After downloading, I like to manually extract, and run the setup from the extracted directory.

Install took about 1:15 mins

The “setup.exe”, found in


Just as a side issue, if you run the “setup.exe”, and nothing appears to happen, it could be because the file path length (260 chars) has been exceeded. Simply move the extracted directory to the root.  Also check that a “setup.exe” is present in Windows Task Manager.

Carrying on …


I kept the default language 



Prerequisites ok





I accepted the license



No further Languages



Can’t do anything on this screen



Now for the options. I kept the defaults. Here they all are …







Now ready to install 




Off it goes 




1:15 mins later, install done

Here are the Client Tools Programs


and here in Control Panel->Programs and Features


All in, now for the SP1

Install SP1

I was going to just show the screen shots of the changes, however, I changed my mind, thinking, all the screen shots would be more precise and easier to understand.

The same principles apply to extration, and running the “setup.exe”.

The only interesting part of this install was that it took around 15 mins, and the prerequisite screen is slightly different, as it requires SP0.








Accept the License






15 minutes later, “Finish” 

In Control Panel->Programs and Features is the SP1 (SP01) update


No extra Programs or anything



If you wish to test some of the Client Tools, you may be prompted for your BOBJ environment.

Supply your hostname of the CMC, user, and password



In my case, it was the beginning of the Wizard in the Universe Design Tool


That’s good enough for me


Continue on to my next blog, Caboodle – Part 7 – BOBJ4 Live Office Install

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks for the Blog!

      Interestingly I was on SP1 for V4 and then encountered an issue on Webi with Query stripping not working - was then told to go on to SP1 Patch 6 and it still does nt work!

      Surely the patch can only help not hinder at all or am i mistaken??

      Author's profile photo glen spalding
      glen spalding
      Blog Post Author
      Hi, regarding the patch, i have been on some seminars, and it was drilled in, not to use Patches unless they fix your problem. Now, this is all non sap, unsupported information, however, it is believable. in version 3, i even think there was a clause under the terms and conditions that may even have said something like this.
      Another problem you may now hit is that, you have to Patch up, all the surrounding environment, i.e. Live Office, Crystal, Dashboards ...