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How Social Networking has transformed my Procurement thinking

You could call it flaunting, I agree completely and I stand and live by the term “Social Networking”

If you have read my previous post on How important is Social Networking for the SAP Procurement Consultant, this is a sequel to that and has the same DNA and message.

Let me give you the million dollar approach on how the engines help me evangelize with like minded folks in the Sourcing and Procurement space.

The Blog is a story-line of my journey from the time I took the shot of the Social Networking pill to get the wilder side of my Procurement thoughts into play. I still continue to do what I do best i.e. implement SAP’s Procurement portfolio of solutions. So read more on what I have gained in-terms of tangible experience.

…Lets get to work folks!!!!!

An example of me using SDN, Twitter and regularly to evangelize and collaborate on the SAP Procurement Suite

1)       I write a Blog on SDN and the leads are the group “Procurement and SRM” and also the front page of SAP Sourcing the home page of SDN, you will see a statement “The Social Network for SAP Professionals”, indeed it is.

2)       With a single click using the share button, I push it onto twitter.

3)       2-3 people on a daily basis follow me based on the category of the post that I have laid out, for example if the Blog focussed sustainable sourcing and procurement, I get at least 10 relevant sustainability related followers following me on twitter, I back track and follow them and get into a larger social group that are discussing the similar relevant topics.

4)       I re-tweet their tweets and it’s a chain reaction from there, I get a lot of leads, questions on SAP Procurement area etc.

5)       I ensure that effective hash tags like #SAP #SAPSRM, #SAPCLM, #SAPSPM, #SAPSourcing are all blended into my tweets and with a mention of @SAP_Procurement

6)       I parallely create a discussion link of the same on linkedin.comand tweet it from there, also all my 700+ group members have a chance to collaborate from there and discuss and solve some really interesting top notch Sourcing, Contract, Procurement and spend related threads

7)       There is an option where I also collaborate from inside linked in sharing document using the huddle workspaces integration engines, that way we are all on the same page of discussion.

Group ID:

Just by sharing experience and collaborating, am easily impregnated into the Social Media side of Sourcing and Procurementand the key tangible output of the exercise is “sheer collaboration” and “cross-customer, cross-industry” know-how and more importantly staying latest with what’s happening. It’s necessary to evangelize, but more importantly it’s necessary to evangelize in way that result in something interesting to the outside world that seeks collaboration for a “sense of purpose”

This is a very small example extract of what I do daily. Being an SME in the Sourcing, Spend and Procurement space, I have also helped folks that work with me supporting SAP Procurement solutions to register with SAP ASUG, SAP Insider, SAP SDN / BPX and SIG (Sourcing interest Group).

There is a truck load full of initiatives out there and with a larger breadth of Procurement audience, it would make relevant benchmarking easier and be more eventful and result oriented for the target audience, in our case, folks that manage the “SAP Supplier Relationship and SAP Procurement suite of applications”

Some facts about the social networking pill, you would easily relate to from the diagram below, you will understand the various platforms available for you to collaborate and pull out tangible inclines.

Social Networking Pill
























How to use RSS feeds more effectively to tune into some really important SAP Procurement discussions

Use Google Reader and put your RSS feeds as a “new subscription”


1)       login to SDN home page, search for the “Procurement and SRM” Blog category, I have made it easier

2)       Add feed to your Google reader, your Google engine will tell you, “hey there is a new post of your interest and relevance, please read J

3)       In the picture below, you can notice a Blue “Add Subscription”, just paste the feed into that….boom, you have your feeds flushing in immediately and then on a regular push basis, it’s the beauty of the technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication: goes by its name, really simple J )

4)       As an SAP Procurement consultant at bare minimum, you need to have feeds from “Procurement and SRM”, feed from Spend Matters, from SIG and

It would look something like this, incase you have never used reader to streamline your interest areas to be funneled into one dash-board













How Social Networking has improved my Procurement footprint (Do I have any metrics to justify?)

–          I started my SAP Sourcing and CLM group in 2008 fall with 2 members, but now I have 654 active members with 40 active discussion threads and 120 archived threads 60% of which were a demonstration of “sheer collaboration”

–          I started tweeting with the avatar @tridipchakra in 2010 fall and started with one follower, my wife J and today I have 869 result oriented tweets, I follow 73 relevant twitter users and channels and I have 66 followers and was even more thrilled when @SAP_Procurement @JDA @nathomson @cognizant_india @marilynpratt @SAPinsider followed me back, these are folks I look upto and are my mentors. I then realized that my messages are complimenting and sharing best practices in the area of SAP Procurement solutions. My initiative’s and tweets became effective when I understood the way to use twitter and penetrate into the chain of thoughts of “procurement thought leaders”

–          I am tuned into every ASUG Procurement webinar and also into every SIG webinar (

 My message

Don’t get me wrong, my focus has not shifted from my core which is implementing, upgrading, rolling out SAP’s procurement suite of solutions like SAP SRM, SAP Sourcing, SAP CLM, SRM MDM Catalog, SAP SPM, I still love doing it and doing it for a living, but what has actually changed is the attitude to share, collaborate and also get the best out of the industry thought leaders, am sure that, reading my excerpt.

 In the blogs to come on how much more am trying to extract from the Social Networking side of the equation and continuing to do what I do best which is SAP, I would decipher into small packets of “how to paragraphs”. So that all the dope doesn’t get you hallucinating and confused.

These will come in small packages and good things come to people who wait every 2 weeks for my post J

Happy reading folks, hope you will take the “Social Networking pill” to experience it…let me know how it feels and what transformation it brought to you.

Follow us on twitter @SAP_Procurement @tridipchakra 

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I am impressed by the extend and sophistication of your social media engagement. Not only are you experimenting on many different platforms, you have also set success metrics and seem to be getting a lot of great collaboration as a result.

      Your LinkedIn stats, the high amount of conversations, are a testmant that what you are doing is relevant to the people you are engaging with.

      My question would be, and this might be something you cannot publicly share: how is this affecting your bottom line? Do you know?

      You are ahead of most by tracking your engagement as opposed to just followers or fans.
      But do you feel that you can measure awareness or leads, or even pipeline impact (deal generation/closure?). Anecdotal evidence that your investment is paying off long term?

      I am asking as most of us are still trying to figure this out.

      For your Twitter strategy, there are some cool tools out there that you might like to try. Measuring increase in followers means people like your content. But you should consider also looking at your reach, who your key followers, RTers are etc.

      Here are your statistics on TweetReach:
      (I like this tool, I think you have to use it for a bit before it pulls in all your Tweets)

      And just for fun, a tool that gives you trend maps on Twitter:


      There's also TwitterCounter, and Klout and...something new every day.

      Best, hope we can continue the conversation,


      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Natascha (my dear Mentor),
      First of all thanks a lot for 2 things
      1) Giving me another dope of the dimension of analytics to the exercise, now this I knew but never knew what it meant and whether it was ever meant to be taken late but never too late to get a jump start at it..I would brand it twitteranalytics 🙂
      2) continuous improvement in small packages: This is basically a radical shift that I have taken to the whole deal of collaboration, now I collaborate more effectively and have a trail and history of what I do and when I did and what event led to what....basically a structured approach to twitter
      Although I do it in a very structured way on linked in, to get the same flavor to the twitter approach was difficult before your mentor touch came in.

      Yes, there will be more from my shelf in the days to come, as you said it all, "its just the beginning", thanks for all the guidance and the fast-tracking from your thought leadership

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks for sharing your findings.
      I have taken the "pill" and spend time learning and educating on Twitter, LI, FB, Google+, SDN, ASUG, Blog. I look forward to following you and others and start contributing more as I feel comfortable in these arenas.
      I would like to see more Procurement End Users/Super Users start to use Social Networks. I think there is still a stigma that the tools are to be used strictly for personal life, not for business. It would be great to see an SAP/ASUG presentation on the benefits of Social Networking from the SAP Customer standpoint and given by a procurement end user.
      I've been to Social Media events where everyone's name tag is @(twitteraccount)- no real names! I haven't seen that at an SAP/ASUG event.. yet. Pioneers like you & Natascha's will get us there.
      Thanks for the effort!
      Jenny (@AccMJenny)

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I'd like to see that presentation too 🙂
      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author
      Hey Jenny, great thoughts from you, the best part I have started following you and believe me in the days to come, i will definitely try and make a great case study for how a Procurement leader can make the best out of Social Media, my mentor Natascha will be  point for me to start thinking on the lines for coming up with such a presentation or a webinar
      But nevertheless, you have nailed the fact well and are on the right track, check in the days for me on Social Networking, the procurement world and SAP
      Stay tuned in and also follow the handle @SAP_Procurement