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HCM Processes & Forms and Concurrent Employment

h3. HCM Forms & Processes and Concurrent Employment   h4. Terms Used | | *CE* | Concurrent Employment | | | *HCMPF* | HCM Processes  & Forms | | | *ESS* | Employee Self-Service | | | *MSS* | Manger Self-Service | | | *IT* | Infotype | | | *CP* | Central Person | | | *PA* | Personnel Administration component in SAP HR | * ** * h4. Further Reading – Useful Links Chris Solomon’s blogs, a very useful resource for all things HCMPF [HCM Processes & Forms: What’s new and cool in Enhancement Pack 2 ? | HCM Processes & Forms: What’s new and cool in Enhancement Pack 2 ?]   A good place to start at with Concurrent Employment [ |] [ |]   h4. Pre-Requisites This blog assumes you have worked with HCMPF.   h4. Introduction When you are implementing HCM Processes & Forms (HCMPF) in a Concurrent Employment (CE) SAP System you will probably want your end users to launch an Adobe form and be able to switch between their assignments and have the form refresh and default the particulars of each assignment.  This provides several opportunities, you only need one form for multiple assignments (re-use) and you can provide agent determination for any workflow based on the assignment selected in the form. This blog is not an exhaustive explanation of what CE is or what it is capable of, however to provide some background information for the HCMPF side, we should have a basic grasp of what it is and how it looks in SAP HR.   h4. What is CE? In a nutshell, when an organisation must maintain multiple employment contracts for an employee, this may be because each contract accrues leave differently or subject to a different pay scale, heaps of reasons which we won’t go into here (sounds like a functional question to me).  The best way to understand this is by an example. I have two positions in Company ABC which I share 100% of my time between (50% each).  One week I work in Position A as a Developer in Sydney, the next week I work in Position B as a Consultant in Melbourne. I get paid differently for each position, I report to a different manager for each position and when I incur costs by working these two positions I need to create these costs against two different cost / profit centres. So you can start to use your imagination now, when I want to submit travel expenses or request leave I would like one application which allows me to switch between these assignments and not have to open different forms for different assignments.    h4. How does this look in SAP HR? There are three objects of interest: | | *Person ID *

* *

Your main Employee ID, this would appear on your payroll statement and how your Employer finds you in the SAP HR system

*Personnel Assignment*

The PERNR number representing an employment contract (think of the example above, I would have two Personnel Assignment numbers)

*Central Person*

* * | The Personnel Development (PD) object that groups all my assignments together ( you can see in transaction PP01 or P013 an object type CP) | Here is a great illustration from [ |] Let’s look at transaction PA20 and look at my overview screen, you can see my Person ID and a drop down list with my assignments, note that my main assignment is 2891. My Main Personnel Assignment is recorded in Infotype 0712: Let’s have a look at PP01, we can see my Central Person (CP) object : Let’s have a look at the relationships, noting that there is two relationships but I’ve just provide 1 screen shot.

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      Author's profile photo Luke Marson
      Luke Marson
      Hi Leigh,

      This is an excellent blog, helping to introduce the points of CE/CP and also some technical design considerations that apply not just to HCMPF but also to other elements of SAP. I'm looking forward to the next one.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Leigh Mason
      Leigh Mason
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks Luke,

      Got any suggestions for the next one?  As said above, was thinking about Public Sector Leave in Concurrent Employment, what you think?  Do you have something specific I can look at ?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      CE concept well explained in HCMPF context. Hope there's more to come, especially in PY (CE Schema) as well as GE (Global Employment) areas. Keep it up.

      Best regards.

      Author's profile photo Leigh Mason
      Leigh Mason
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks Mohammad, glad you enjoyed it.

      Was thinking about the next blog, maybe Public Sector Leave in Concurrent Employment, explore some product gaps, tips and tricks?

      Author's profile photo John Patterson
      John Patterson
      Hi Leigh
      Having worked on a couple of sites where I wished CE was turned on, I would definitely be interested in hearing what technical and functional challenges you would face if you were to turn it on.