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Caboodle – Part 4 – The BOBJ4 Post Install

Continuing from my previous blog Caboodle – Part 3 – The BOBJ4 Install

Now the BOBJ4 Server Software is in and working, I noticed that there was no prompt for the BW Publishing Service parameters. How does it know where my BW (NSP) system is?

Also, where is the BI post installation documentation ? I looked in here “xi4_install_win_en.pdf” and here “xi4_bip_master_en.pdf”, and I could not find a specific guide for the, what used to be “Integration Kit”, so where now???

I believe the BW Publishing from Crystal Reports will now be performed during the installation of Crystal Reports. I am not 100% sure yet, and will revisit this blog in due course.

I noticed there are transports delivered, sitting under the directory Collaterals/Add-Ons/SAP/Transports. I checked if SP1 contains the same set of transports, and it does, so I continued.

For a more in-depth description of the Transports, check an older blog of mine, The Full Monty – Part 13 – BObj Integration Kit SP3 Install & Configure, it suites the purpose here, too.

Here’s a snippet from the xi4_bip_admin_en.pdf.

Read the transports_EN.txt file located in the following
directory on your product distribution media:

CollateralsAdd-OnsSAPTransports. This text file
lists the exact names of the files that make up each transport. (The cofiles
and data directories below the transports directory correspond to the
.../trans/cofiles and .../trans/data directories on your SAP server.)"

As the NSP is a unicode system, we focus on the unicode transports.


Copy these


and these


to their respective directories under the SAP file stucture, for importing into the NSP.


The MDX transport is dependent on a SAP Note. If it is present, use 900694 , if not 900007. In my case here, it does not seem relevant to the NSP NW 7.02, however, I downloaded the note from SAP, and uploaded into NSP, via transaction SNOTE, to see the outcome.


So, based upon the message above the note was not and could not be present. My transport of choice? 900007.

Here is the full import queue

I fired up the NSP, logged on as DDIC, Client 000, and ran STMS, then proceeded to import all Requests.


I decided to import all at once, into Client 000, Synchonously. Here are the results. I checked the Warnings and they are all fine.


There, all transports now in.

Continue on to my next blog Caboodle – Part 5 – BW Client from NSP

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      Author's profile photo Ingo Hilgefort
      Ingo Hilgefort

      all the post install steps are in the Installation Guide for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise as the SAP Integration Kit as a separate installation doesn't exist anymore.

      In addition you are referring to the publishing which would only be needed if you would use Crystal Reports 2011.

      In case of all other BI clients there is a general integration with the Lifecycle Manager and CTS+ (outlined in the installation and admin guide as well).

      Ingo Hilgefort

      Author's profile photo Glen Spalding
      Glen Spalding
      Blog Post Author
      hi ingo,
      yes, i am referring to the CR publishing. so i am wondering where the config for that has all gone ? the SM59 RFC connection.
      I shall be looking into the LCM soon
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Ingo,
      I have gone through the Install guide of BI 4.0 and I dont see any mention on how to integrate with BW in post install steps.
      Could you please let us know if I am missing something?