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Jive 5 and SCN: The Right Content to the Right Person at the Right Time

In my Better. Faster. Stronger.   The SAP Community Network … Coming Soon on a New, Modern Platform!, I announced our plans to migrate the core of our current SCN social media platform to the Jive Social Business System (internally dubbed “Project SCNergy”).  With Jive’s announcement last week that its version 5 is now generally available (GA), I thought it would be a good time to introduce one of the coolest new aspects of Jive 5 that will fundamentally add value to your SCN experience – and in much the same way that other familiar social networks, like Facebook and Twitter and Google+, do today.


It’s a new concept simply, yet appropriately, called “What Matters”.


Today on SCN, one of the biggest challenges for any user is navigating and identifying the content that is most interesting and relevant.  To me, it often feels like drinking from the firehose… just too much good information coming at me so fast that I can’t possibly pick-out what’s most important and give it my attention.


With “What Matters” in Jive 5, the information finds you. This isn’t a single feature, but rather a space which personalizes and customizes each member’s experience, allowing each of us to follow and find experts, and to see the freshest and highest-quality content with every visit.  Essentially, it’s undeviating access for members to see only what matters most to them: people, updates, and information.


While we’re still developing the actual look and feel of the new SCN, I would like to show Jive’s own video of “What Matters” so you can see what is possible.




Do keep in mind not to get bogged down in the graphic and format details of “how will feature X or feature Y look within SCN” – the SAP Community Network team is currently hard at work to make certain the user interface will benefit the members.  For now, we wanted to give you a sense of some key benefits you will experience with our migration and platform modernization. 


Let us know what you think!  Stay tuned for more “cool tool” highlights.


Here’s more info on the Jive Social Business System, which will be one of the fundamental foundation elements of the future SCN (along with SAP Portal, SAP MDM, SAP HANA in the background, and much more).


(Please Note: Features and site design for SCN’s implementation are currently under development)

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  • Hi Mark,

    This seems to be just the stuff we need! A social collaboration platform for within the company. Seems to me that this is the kind of stuff Google is building as a corporate version of Google+.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could deliver this to our NetWeaver Portal customers? And if the performance is anything like the video…. 😉

    I’ll be keeping my eye on this one!


    Jan Laros

    • Thank you, Jan.  Yes, Jive offers both an internal-facing version of its solutions for employees behind a company firewall (we use it here at SAP for work team and cross-team collaboration), and one for external public communities (like SAP Community Network). 

      I would love to see more of this functionality coupled with NetWeaver Portal — and some similar things are already in the latest versions of NW Portal — as I believe this is the future.  I do think NW Portal has some strengths that the Jive platform does not have; each tool used for its specific purpose…   

      Mark Yolton

  • Hello Mark,

    For sure this is heading to the right direction: less clutter, more relevant information.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow we could bring the discussions and information flow that happens around twitter these days into the SCN platform as an integrated experience.
    We could call it context-based social integration. SCN would find relevant information from my networks and suggest new Blogs, Articles or Products Releases.

    Best Regards,
    Marlo Simon.

    • Thanks Marlo. Sounds a bit like Google+…  I’m not sure that exact functionality will be possible on SCN near-term, but I do think we are headed that direction.

      Mark Yolton

  • Hi Mark,

    this all looks great, and I understand that it must be a big job to get the new platform designed, built and up and running.

    But please hurry!

    Graham Robbo

  • Hello Mark,

    The features shown in the video would definitely improve the SCN experience extensively. Really Cool!

    Best regards,
    Prateek Raj Srivastava

  • Hello Mark

    The Jive platform really looks nice and it could help tackle the pointer to find relevant information. What I don’t like about certain social media app’s is that they do all the thinking for me which should be avoided in my opinion. It’s great to have recommendations on interesting content and community members but there should always still be a way to dive into the mass information without algorithms that hide certain information.

    I’m eager to go collaborate with other community members on the new upcoming  SCN.

    Kind regards


    • Excellent, Tom.  The new set-up won’t hide anything, but will suggest what’s new and likely to be relevant.  But you can poke around anywhere you’d like; I find that rewarding, too, in that I often discover something by surprise that’s especially interesting. 

      Mark Yolton

  • Is this something that could be demo’d at Teched?  With the idea, of course, that things will probably change.

    I’d love to see it and hear what other people are thinking.

    It should be fun watching everything unfold.  I like everyone else am saying – “Can we get it now?”.

    A hearty THANK YOU for the changes,


    • Thank you, Michelle.  The team is driving hard and knocking down obstacles every day toward delivering this ASAP, so if we have something pretty well “baked” by TechEd I’d be happy to show it off and get feedback.  I’ll also share more here on SCN as we hit milestones and can show off the progress and features. 

      Mark Yolton

  • It seems like Jive and SAP StreamWork have similar functions. I am wondering why SCN has chosen to use Jive over SAP Streamwork? I could be confused? Thanks
    • Hi Brett:

      There are social features in Streamwork, but I’d view it as more of a project/program oriented tool to allow collaboration around a defined project or set of deliverables.  I view Jive as a comprehensive community collaboration platform for massive scale, reach, broad functionality.  Both have social features, but I think of one as more narrow (Streamwork for a project of 10-100 participants) and another more broad (Jive for wide ranging topics that have no defined deliverable or end date, and for groups in the hundred-thousands or millions [SAP’s community is 2.5 million members in 200 countries and territories, for example]).  I’m sure this isn’t as precise as real Streamwork product experts would define it, but that’s my rough description of the differences. 

      Mark Yolton

  • Thank you, this is a very rich combination of different integrated platform offerings – all in one.

    With setting our profiles initially, do we request for additional features and access or we obtain all the features by default?

    Please let us know what additional access is required to set up what video is showing as currently available – thanks.

    This type of collaboration is greatly appreciated 🙂   Thank you.