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SAP Research presented the RESCUEIT prototype at the Seagital Conference. Seagital is gathering international maritime professionals and innovative software companies.

RESCUEIT is the first French German research project, funded by ANR and BMBF, in the scope of the secure supply chain management system. 8 academic and industrial partners are involved in RESCUEIT, together with end-users such as REWE, Kuhne and Nagel, Dr Oectker, Groupe Casino, Baam, Eisbar. 

With the growing pressure from regulations to enhance security, while needing to control and lower the costs, Supply Chain Management (SCM) has to face an end-to-end problematic: the proper modeling of complete supply chain, while including relevant security requirements, and leveraging real world information to both assess the security level and enforce the security requirements. In this context, sensors and RFIDs appear as an important assets for securing and optimizing of Supply Chain Management Systems.

RESCUEIT Prototype

In the presented prototype is addressing the tracking of chemicals shipped from an harbor outside of Europe, toward Le Havre harbor, France. After custom checks, the goods are shipped and stored in a K+N warehouse, before being shipped to Casino supermarket. Along the supply chain, goods are monitored with sensor nodes, in order to check any regulation violation during transportation, storage or manipulation. For example, we check the incompatibility with product stored close to the monitored good, or the ambient temperature in order to prevent explosion.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Laurent,

    This project seems very interesting. Do you have some slides or a video in order to know more about RESCUEIT project please ?

      1. Former Member
        Thank you for your quick answer.
        I saw the video, it was very impressive.
        I’m so proud that we have such interesting projects at SAP Research.
        Well done for your work !
        I hope that I’ll be able to collaborate with you on this project in the future.
  2. Former Member
    I think it’s a great topic for a prototype, as it focuses on a real world problem.

    Which technoloy is used for the sensors ? I guess connectivity on a boat is not easy to handle !

    1. Former Member Post author
      For this prototype, we are using Phidget nodes.
      Connectivity on boat is difficult, but the idea is to inform boat’s captain, and also to store the alerts on nodes.
  3. Former Member
    Working on your project seems to be so awesome… Are you looking for an engineer for the development of your prototype?

    Best regards,

  4. Former Member

    This project seems to be perfect for real time information, and capacity to react faster against the different problems that can happen during the trip.

    Is the prototype is currently used by a company ?


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