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EHP5 pre-requisites and new features and CWM new Architecture

Implementation of EHP5

1)      EHP5 is based on Netweaver 702  

EHP 5 for SAP ERP 6.0/ NW 7.02

 2)      Solution Manager needs to be upgraded to SPS 23. In order to calculate the Software Queue for EHP5 automatically from Solution Manager, you also need to upgrade the Patch of Component ST-ICO 150_700 SP 25. This component is not included in the patches downloaded from SPS and needs to be downloaded separately.

 If you do not run SOLMAN_SETUP Completely after EHP1 upgrade of Solution Manager, Solution manager would not be able to calculate the software stack. Perform the Initial and basic configuration steps in Solution Manager.


3)      Compatiability Issues

Refer to OSS note.

1318299 — General information about Add-On products and their compatibility with enhancement package 5.

In EHP5, SAP has restricted compatibility of various versions and releases of many components. However, but some of these components are still compatible with EHP5.

We faced the issue with the compatibility of Vistex Components IRMGLB and IRMIPM of Release 60A. SAP has release an Attribute Change Package for IRMGLB but there is no ACP released for IRMIPM. SAP released ACP for IRMIPM for us after constant follow up.  The Keep keys released by Vistex Group were not working for EHP5.

We get the message that we cannot keep the version of IRMGLB and IRMIPM because Basis is being upgraded.


There were compatiability issues between EHP5 and Vistex Release 60A. OSS note 1318299 has delisted the compatiabilty of EHP5 with Vistex 60A release, but these versions are still compatiable with an Attribute Chagne Package. You need to get the ACP file from SAP and you would be able to retain the version 60A for Vistex components IRMIPM and IRMGLB.

If you have any compatibility doubts for any Add-on component, post a message with XX-SER-REL Release. Also, for any other issue, please post a message to BC-UPG group. Also, check with the component addon Group


Suggestion: Check with the Component Vendor for the Compatibility well in advance.

4)      For IS-CWM Specific environment, there is a big functional change required. IS-CWM has been introduced as a new Architecture post-EHP4.

With EHP5, SAP has lifted most of the release restrictions to CWM functionality on EHP4.


If customers are using a CWM release with the components Logistics Inventory Management Engine (LIME) and Inventory Accounting (Fin-BAC-INV), data migration is essential. This means all Customers who have earlier implemented/ activated Business Function Sets for CWM on ERP 6 (without EHP) are required to perform the Data Migration.


If CWM is already active with the old architecture/CWM/BF, then you cannot activate the new functionalites of EHP5 on CWM till Data migration is successfully poerfromed,.


This Data Migration is a pre-requisite to Activation of New Business Functions and needs to be executed very carefully. SAP just provides the simplified standard scenarios and does not supports customers with their respective enhancements, modifications, interfaces.

Data Migration CockPit for CWM is started by executing report /CWM/MIGA_COCKPIT in SE38 Transaction 

All the Data Migration Reports should be executed Successfully, before the Activation of new Business Functions for CWM can take place.

Please remember to execute all Reports first in “TEST MODE” and cehck their status before executing the reports. This would prevent and allow you to rectify the errors and your system would remain unaffected.


For errors in Report MSEG_DMBTR, the functional Consultant needs to check about the possible implications of the error.

Migration Cockpit gives you the option of exporting the error from the PRD system and Importing in QAS System. There you can test and check the error. If you find error as not relavent, you can click the (4th Button as shown in below screenshot). This would allow you to ignore the error and proceed further


As shown in the below screen, Dependent Report AUFM stays Yellow. You need to implement OSS note 1554553 “Migration Cockpit displays Yellow Traffic Light”

SAP has not been supporting customers to migrate to new Architecture till EHP4. They introduced Migration Tools in EHP5 for CWM Data Migration.


Further information:

1324838 — Enhancement Package 5 for SAP ERP: Required SWC

1122966 ‒ Maintenance Optimizer: Notes for Enhancement Packages

1318299 — General information about Add-On products and their compatibility with enhancement package 5.


For any issues on EHP5, post in your message at

XX-SER-REL Release Group for compatiabiltiy check of EHP5

BC-UPG Group for any upgrade related error

BC-UPG-Addon for any error on Addon component

XX-PART-IPS Vistex related issue

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      Thanks, really good piece of inforamtion put in very simple langauge including steps.