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Develop your own Add-On’s for ICM ( Incentives and Commissions Management )

Over the years, ecosystem around SAP has played a critical role in development of Innovative Add-On Solutions around standard products. This has helped both SAP and Partners to help customers in filling the gaps.

With Enhacement Pack 6 ( Ehp6), Incentives and Commissions Management( ICM ) technical framework has been enhanced to accomodate Partnercustomers developed ICM content seamlessly in Commission Application generated.

To understand it further, Let’s see first how ICM Application Generation works step by step:

a) Customer Names an ICM Application: ICM works on the concept of Application Generation, In this step customer gives a name to his Commission Application ( ex. ZICM01 ).

b) Design of Commission Application: ICM content is delivered to customers in the form of Technical and Functional Packages.
Technical packages form the basis layer of ICM whereas Functional Packages contain specific features of ICM ex. Remuneration Scheduling, Integration with BRF+ etc.
In Package Selection Tool of ICM,  customers are given the option to select functional packages.

c) Generation of Commission Application: Once the Packages are selected, design is saved and prerequisite customizing is maintained; then ICM application can be generated. During Generation, ICM generator reads all the Functional Packages selected and copies their content in the Commission Application namespace.
for ex. Package CACSBR contains Integaration of ICM with BRF+. If this package is selected for ICM Application ZICM01 then during generation all the repository objects present in CACSBR and customizing maintained with key ‘CACSBR’ will be copied to ZICM01.

With current development in Ehp6 ( termed as Modification Free Enhancements )the generator tool has been opened for Partners Customers. This means that now PartnersCustomer can create their own ICM Content Add-On’s in their Respective namespaces and packages and then register them in tables which are used during Generation.

Once the PartnerCustomer developed content is registered in specific ICM tables then like other SAP delivered ICM Functional Packages, they too will be available for selection by customers in Package Selection tool.

You can find a detailed documentation for enabling the Partner Content Generation using ICM generator at following link

Potential Advantages:

ICM is a very generic tool and it can be used by a variety of Upstream Systems (ex. SD, CRM, FS-PM, DBM etc ). This
increases the scope of solution with specific demands of Integration, Different Commission Models etc arising from Upstream Systems.
Partners now can leverage this new feature of ICM to create their own ADD-ON’s to develop Integration Content of ICM with various Upstream system.

Also, the new development can help in Faster Implementation of ICM as now Partners Customers can now deliver their
functional packages which contain all relevant customizing for a particular industry.

Possibilities are endless and I’m sure that this new development will certainly extend the reach of ICM to new customersindustries.

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      Thanks for the blog Manas, sounds like an interesting enhancement. Do you have some specific business use cases where developing an Add-On would make sense?
      For example, could this be used to implement an interface to a local broker network (in Australia we have a system called Sunrise Exchange run by eBix) or other 3rd party distribution channel, to manage channel specific compensation rules, credentialling or business evaluations and compensation calculations?
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      Former Member
      Hi Paul,

      One important area where this framework can be used is creation of interface for ICM with other systems.
      Another areas could be delivery of custom remuneration rules, additional functionality like enhanced Reporting, Customizing packages which contain table entries for ICM w.r.t to specific industries.

      Your example also holds true.