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Continuing from my last blog Caboodle – Part 2 – The NSP 7.02 Post Install

I am now ready for installing BusinessObjects 4.0. Although SP1 is out, you will still need to install this prior as SP1 will ask for it.

Important: When preparing your BOBJ4 environment, be mindful that, SPs do not update components that are not installed. If you decide to add a component after an SP installation, you will need to re-install the SP.

Even more important, you cannot add a language after the installation.

13.7.2011 update: Added the SP1 install.

29.7.2011 update: Now the whole suite is on SP2. The non existence of any previous SP, indicates that SP2 can be installed as a clean install (without any previous SP). I will try this, and update here.

1.8.2011 update: As I suspected, SP2 will cleanly install. No need for any previous installations. The installation process, on the surface, is identical to SP0 and SP1, and the screen shots below are still valid.

The BI4 Installation Guide is rich and complete, however, I performed the steps below without reading it. Please note, if I did have a problem, i’d be the first to read it.

You can get it using the Quick Link “instguides”


The blog is organized by

  • Download
  • Install
  • Check
  • SP1 Install

So to begin…


Four files/objects are required, for BOBJ Enterprise

51041015_1, 51041015_2, 51041015_3, 51041015_4

Under Software Downloads->BusinessObjects Downloads->Browse the SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio->Installation and Upgrade->SBOP BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM (SBOP ENTERPRISE)->SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.0->Installation and Upgrade->WINDOWS




All the latest offerings can be downloaded, according to your S-ID authorizations.

Tip: do not rename the “.exe” or “.rar” files, as they maynot extract successfully. If you must perform a name change, do it after the extraction.

Execute “51041015_part1”, by right clicking and “Run as administrator”. Extracts to directory “51041015” which is 3.70GB (3,982,624,464 bytes – 26,166 Files)



I ran “setup.exe under” “51041015DATA_UNITSBusinessObjectsServer_win” directory.



Interesting, note Windows version. Guess it does not like Windows 7. I continued









Accepted Terms, then “Next” 

Filled out form, and fetched license key for “SBOP Enterprise Premium (4 CPU)




Kept default installation language. I believe you cannot add any after the initial installation, so choose any extra languages now.




I chose “Custom / Expand” to show you the options, although I will be selecting them all, as with a “Full” installation.




I kept default installation location. Interesting to note the “(86)” in the path. Looks like a 32bit installation. I need to know a little more about this as I believe it is a 64bit installation.

Update 7/7/2011: I now realize it is a 64bit installation. Also note, if you remove the “(x86)” from the path, it still installs into the “(x86)” directory. Obviously something broken here.



And now the options








Notice the deselected options, fine for my purpose



“Disk Cost”, for my options


If you select the four unselected option items (above), “Disk Cost” is exactly the same, except “Difference” went up 1 GB (must have spanned the GB, I cannot believe it contained 1GB of files).

“Ok”, “Next”

Left default “Start a new …”



Now I read somewhere, that it is not good practice to call the SIA Node, the same name as the Server, so I called mine “BOBJ4”, and kept the default “SIA Port” at 6410.



Kept the default CMS Port as 6400




Password time… Remember, make sure it abides by any Group Policies you may have.

Coming soon you will have to also give passwords to the “SQL Server Administrator” and “boeUser”

These last two user password requirements are more stringent. Here is an error message you will get, if they are now. This error message is complaining about both “SQL Server Administrator” and “boeUser” users.



So if you wish to keep them all the same, start here.

I gave mine “Abcd1234” which worked fine.




I kept the default BOBJ user account name as “boeuser”, and filled in the passwords, as instructed above.




Left as is



Kept default Tomcat ports



Kept default WACS listening port



Kept default Subversion configuration, and gave passwords, again as instructed earlier.



Kept default option, not to configure SMD. Can be added after.



Kept default option, not to integrate to Intrascope. Can be added after.




Finally, it was ready to begin actual installation







10:42, sits here for quite a while





Ended 11:35

Just note, when calculating my start time, and end time, I was taking screen shots and documenting at the same time. Realisticly, it took just over an hour.






Now a re-boot.

Upon inspection, it seems nothing made it’s way into my 64bit program directory “C:Program Files”, rather into the 32bit, “C:Program Files (x86)”. So I guess my default installation directory really should have been “C:Program Files”. Assuming the version I have, IS 64 bit.

Here’s what I have under “C:Program Files”


Here’s what I have under “C:Program Files (x86)”


Here’s what I have under “C:Program Files (x86)SAP BusinessObjects”


Finally under “C:”

Mmmmm, interesting directory


Now here’s what I have as Programs


better view of above




Taking a look at the CCM


I see the BW Publisher Service but there were no prompts for BW System or other parameters. I will look into this later.

Digging deeper into the SIA, after logging in


The WebApplicationContainerServer did take a good 15 minutes, but it did eventually Run, and become “Enabled”



Starting the CMC



Not exactly sure what is going on, but everything is really slow.

15 minutes later …



And here, I finally arrive


After installing adobe flash 32bit, (64 wont work with IE9 at the moment), I fired up the “Monitor”.


To reveal no errors or otherwise 

I am happy to conclude that the installation was rather uneventful, with absolutely no technical problems. 

SP1 Install

Returning to this blog, to document the un-eventful (which is good) SP1 install.

After downloading the SP1 file


executed to it’s own directory


kicked of the “setup.exe”


I kept the default language



prerequiste checks out ok




Accepted the license




Supplied the CMS credentials, and Administrator password





Off it goes, time? 08:00 (will take about 2 hours)




Time? 10:05

A look in Control Panel->Programs and Features. There it is

 All in

Continue to my next blog, Caboodle – Part 4 – The BOBJ4 Post Install

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Gingle,
    I am confused about the general availability of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0. I see on SMP that the same set of installer files are available under the generally available products and under Ramp-Up Releases and Beta Software.
    So is SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 in GA yet? How about Data Services 4.0, Dashboards and Explorer 4.0?
    I’d appreciate and be grateful to you if you could clarify please.


    1. Former Member Post author
      hi Rahul
      apologies for misleading, the files are now available under the BusinessObjects Portfolio.
      Regarding DS, DB, and Exp, all coming sooner or later.
      1. Former Member
        Thanks very much for this excellent post. I just have one confusion which if you answer would be great. I installed BI 4.0 SP02 which is available on Once we have installed BI 4.0 SP02 do we still need to install SP01 ? Thanks.
        1. Former Member Post author
          hi hunain, SPs are cumulative, meaning they contain all the previous SPs contents. so no, do not try to load SP1 after SP2. i have never done this, but i will guess it will prompt you and tell you that you cannot do this, anyway. thanks. g
          1. Former Member
            Thanks Glen, Very useful blog.  One question, I see that you are using the CMS Name to be “VM”, where in the installation process does on specify it?
            Thanks,  Arvind
          2. Former Member
            Very Useful blog.  One question, you are referring the “CMS Name” as “VM”, where in the installation do you specify it?  I did the install but no where did I specify the CMS name, then what is the CMS name.  Thanks, Arvind
            1. Former Member Post author
              the “VM” is the properties of the host computer. it is not specified anywhere during the installation.
              the CMS name, is the host computer’s name.
              right click computer if you are on windows, and you can see somewhere there the NAME of the computer.
              in some cases you will need to fully qualify the computer name, e.g. i have notes about this all over the blogs
              hope this helps
      2. Former Member
        Thank you for this excellent post. Now that the whole suite is available as SP02 can you please confirm that we can skip the SP01 installation which is available in the screenshots posted on this blog. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Former Member

    Could you tell us your server Os, configuration and size ( Ram / Rom )?

    The sizing guide of BO 4.0 is changing.



    1. Former Member Post author
      hi Cédric
      to me, sizing is very difficult to get right. even with the methods and processes suggested.
      anyway, for me, this is all operational on a VM with 4GB RAM. bear in mind, this blog is very experimental. if you take a look at my Caboodle Overview Blog, there is more information regarding the hardware.
  3. Former Member
    Very Compliments for this blog.. but in spite of the GA of BI4 platform, i don’t find it on section Installation and upgrade but onlt Business object enterprise XI 3.1.
  4. Former Member
    This is awsome!!!  I had one of my employees write the same in a word doc (we are installing BI 4.0 sp1 today), and this is exactly what we were trying to create for other installs…

    Could not be more timely and at the right level of details..

    Thanks a bunch!!
    Dr. Berg

  5. Former Member

    I also could not locate the files as indicated in your screenshots. It appears that the GA of BI 4.0 is planned for 19 August 2011 (subject to confirmation of course).



  6. Former Member
    Hi G,

    Have you tried this install against a database other the default SQL express one?

    My testing has shown that for example the CMC and BI launchpad url’s do not connect if you use your own standard database! Only with the default one do they work.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi again
      never tried against a different database. Am very interested to hear from your experiences, as I may have to soon. cheers. where are you ?
  7. Former Member

    Hi Glen,

    You are great. This blog is just awesome. I have some doubt before installation of BOBj4.

    1. SQL server installation and database creation for CMS is not required before BOBj installation? Like we used to do at the time of BO Enterprise XI 4.0 installation

    2. Then Installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is not required before BOBj installation?

    3. Microsoft product key is not required for your above installation?

    4. What about BOBj client installation?

    Please clear my above doubts… 🙂



    1. Former Member Post author

      hi sudip, thanks for the compliment

      1. SQL or CMS db creation is required prior to installation.

      2. i don’t know if .net 4 is required. in the screen shot above, 3.5 or above is optional, so i think it depends on the options you may choose. just try it without .net and let the install decide.

      3. no microsoft product keys are required. however, a SAP key is, and you can use the temp key from SAP Market Place. you will need an S-id

      4. BOBJ clients are all free, no license, and all 32-bit. you can install these anywhere.


      1. Former Member

        Hi Glen,

        But you have not mentioned about SQL server installation nor given any screenshot. I have installed BOBJ without SQL server and now I can’t login to the CMC. And I have not installed BOBJ client also. Client is necessary?

        Now please let me know what I have to do to login to CMC. If you can share your email id so that I can send you the screenshots of BOBJ installation which I have done

        In the Central Configuration Manager I can see only Apache Tomcat 6.0.24 is running and I can’t see Server Intelligence Agent in it.

        Please help me to complete successful BOBJ installation. I am very new to BOBJ but having enough technical knowledge on SAP other components



        1. Former Member Post author

          hi sudip

          Look at the screen shots above, and you will notice that “Integrated Database” is an option that has been checked, during a custom install. This is why I did not need a separate SQL db or whatever db. The integrated db, is MySQL and gets installed during the installation process, and not done separately if “Integrated Database” is chosen.

          If you have your own database somewhere, you can use that, and during the BI install, you must point it to your db, and carry on with the BI install.

          You must have a db somewhere for BI to install over and work.

          Client Tools are not necessary to logon to the CMC.

          After installation, you should have a program group for BI, and in there an option to run the CMS, and CMC.

          if you cannot see the SIA i have a feeling you have performed something like a cluster installation, only you have nothing to cluster against.

          post your email, and i will return


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