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Results in the Continuous Improvement (CI) Process – Enhanced CRM WebUI Usability Features

With the release of SAP Note 1602520 two new features that where developed by SAP in the Continuous Improvement (CI) Process are now available for CRM 2007, 7.0 and 7.0 EhP1 users. The new features are called “Central Edit” and “One Hit – Direct Display”.

This features where requested in Wave 1 of the Continuous Improvement (CI) Process. The process was started as a pilot in the CRM Area. SAP reached out also to DSAG (German speaking SAP Users). In November 2011 the development requests where posted in the DSAG CRM forum. At least 5 companies had to provide their commitment that they would like to use the new functionality. After taking this hurdle SAP developed the functionality and presented it in January 2011. As many applications had to be adjusted to provide the new features it took until last week to get the note released.

Let me now introduce this new features to you:

Central Edit

You can now enable a central button in the Work Area Toolbar which enables you to switch into change mode for all Assignment Blocks. So when you have to add products and partners to an Opportunity you don’t have to click the Edit List button in the products and again in the Partners Assignment Block. A single click on the central Edit button and all Assignment Blocks are ready for data entry.


One Hit – Direct Display

You’re using the advanced or central search in the CRM applications. When a search query finds a   unique hit, then this object is directly displayed. You don’t have to click on the object in the search result list. So if you search for a specific Opportunity ID or Customer ID you enter the number, press enter and the details are directly displayed. You don’t have to click the details link in the search result list.


Check the linked Notes in the Central SAP Note 1602520. You can implement all the notes using SNOTE starting from SAP CRM 2007 (6.0) SP 06, 7.0 and 7.0 EhP1.

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  • Hi, these 2 feature of CI seems really good however I am bit worried about the implications…

    Like, we are on CRM7.0 EhP1 and there are lot of issues on Handling of View Group Context in Case, SSP and SOA managements in CRM 4S in SAP standard ( We have not enhanced ) like the few mentioned below :

    The Edit functionality on Assignment blocks added using the new feature of EhP1, called, AET Table Enhancements have lot of issues in appearance.

    We have got the Note 1579203 which solved 1 issue regarding Edit and now waiting for replay of other OSS we have raised.

    I found that the GLOBAL->EDIT is always true on AET through added assignment blocks and the.HTM file code for Display mode does not take into consideration the Entity Lock to deside the display mode.

    I love the new feature of EhP1 and I am sure with some time, they will work more smoother..Since we already have issues on EDIT functionality with EhP1, I am gonna suggest this blog to our Basis and Project team to see if we can implement these features.

    I will get back again if we implement and let you know how it goes 🙂

    Thanks for the nice share !!


  • These notes are easy to implement if you are up to date on support stacks.  However if you aren’t as current the prerequisite territory management note for CRM 7.0 was a pain to implement manually.

    The one hit functionality looks good in my dev system for accounts.  I’m going to implement it for the business transactions later today and hopefully it will work fine.

    The global edit really does concern me as if you have done any custom enhancements to override editability, it will be interesting to see how they conflict.  I’m probably not going to implement global edit for now.

    Thanks for all your efforts in getting these push through.

    Take care,


  • Hi,

    we implemented the notes for One Hit – Direct Display for Accounts and also for business transactions. Our release ist CRM70 SP09 without EHP.

    We enhanced for some businesstransaction the EH_ONSEARCH method earlier and the notes are using the same method. Therefore there was some manual effort.

    But it works fine now and we recommend using this functionality.

    Kind regards