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Technology Architecture and (previous blog) Application Architecture are closely interwined.A key process is the creation of a broad architectural model of the Target system ,conceptualization of building blocks,architectural building blocks that describe the functionality and that can be implemented without detail being introduced by configuration or detail design.This phase in our ADM seek to MAP application components defined in application architecture phase into a set of technology components which represents software and hardware components available from the market or configured within org into technology Architecture.As per standard TOGAF Methodology steps can be illustrated as follows

  • Select reference Models ,viewpoints and tools
  • Identify required catalogues of technology and building blocks.This are basically inventories of core assets of the business.
  • Identify required diagrams.

AS-IS Architecture – remember the motivation for AS-IS, to build shared understanding and shared commitment and takes into account Infrastructure View ,Transactional Systems,Analytical Systems,&Total Cost of Ownership as follows

  • Consider following variables to compute total cost over time horizon.
  • Hardware and Software – Licenses and Maintenance
  • People Cost
  • Risks to the organization
  • Disaster Recovery (if applicable)

Base Tech Arch

GAP Analysis

we Verified the architecture models for internal consistency and accuracy. Document any changes to the viewpoints represented in the selected models from the Architecture Repository. Tested architecture models for completeness against requirements. Identify gaps betweenthe baseline and target using Gap Analysis.

Template used is depicted Below



Technology Building Block #1

Technology Building Block #2

Technology Building Block #3

Technology Building Block #n


Technology Building Block #1

No Change





Technology Building Block #2


Additional Information




Technology Building Block #3



Additional Automate



Technology Building Block #n




Turn into Capability









GAP Analysis

 To- Be Architecture

 Factors taken into consideration are as follows

  • Technology components and their relationships to information systems
  • Technology platforms and their decomposition, showing the combinations of technology required to realize a particular technology “stack”.
  • Environments and locations with a grouping of the required technology into computing environments (e.g., development, production)
  • Expected processing load and distribution of load across technology components
  • Physical (network) communications
  • Hardware and network specifications

View Points:(Considered)

o  Building the Infrastructure (Capital Expenditure)

o    Infrastructure Maintenance (Operating Expenditure)

o    Cost of Retiring (what will be required to eliminate this system)

Enterprise Value (Considered)

Skills Acquired

  • Link skills required in overall skills competencies inventory maintained .

Processes Matured

  •          Support Processes
  •          Direct Processes

 Target Arch

This bring me to the conclusion of this series of blogs on TOGAF,Hope this humble contribution more than that sharing experience arround ADM will give more insight to practioner  in practising TOGAF.

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