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In the context of Architecture vision after Preliminary Phase   we need to formulate the  SMART(Specific,Measurable,Actionable,Realistic, Timebound)objectives so it is essential  to frame the  problem as follows

“Currently multiple applications running on different platforms catering to similar functionalities exist in Order & Buy unit. This has lead to increased maintenance overhead, complex customer experience and increased call centre work load etc.In order to be consistent with Organization objectives providing a consistent user experience on a single platform for the Order & Buy service will increase the end customer experience, call centre efficiency and reduce huge costs invested in training and development effort. Also this can be replicated to other services and products from organisation business. Infrastructure consolidation will result in reduced administration overhead and reduced investment on IT infrastructure. These contribute to the wider vision of IT investment reduction and increased customer satisfaction”.

SMART objectives:

  • Complete application landscape analysis including the detailed business functions under Order & Buy provided by various products and consolidation on to a single product that will meet the existing capabilities by end of this financial year. This will increase the reusability by 30%, reduce the development effort by 5% and reduce the application license costs by 20%.
  • By the end of Q2 next fin year, perform infrastructure consolidation using stable infrastructure for hosting the business services to ensure the current administrative overhead of maintaining various systems are eliminated. This will lead to administration effort saving of 20%, 30% reduction in power consumption and 15% cost reduction for OS licenses.
  • By the end of Q3 next fin year, provide a consistent user interface across services that provide similar functionality to ensure all user accessible functions and services appear and behave in a similar way in a predictable fashion regardless of application or site. This will lead to 10% greater user efficiency and 20% fewer order entry user errors, which in turn may result in 5% lower order entry cost.

Scope of architecture work

In scope :

All Corporate and Individual Pension products and versions

Services that collect and collate the data from back office systems .

Framework for internal and external customers to access these services (and future services).

Develop an appropriate presentation layer for internal use that takes account of the users need to see lots of  information at the same time.  This presentation layer will use many of the services developed.

Developing the external presentations to the user through the extranet.

Queries and transactions. So this should allow for view only and update transactions.

Internal and external presentation layer to adopt XYZ branding

Early prototyping and usability testing to be used to help refine/inform detailed requirements specification

Out of scope :

Developing solutions for infrequent or bespoke transactions. 


Timeliness – Project to be delivered within 6 months

Availability of resources well versed with current system

Stakeholders : Concerns

XYZ management and business users concern

Help desk turnaround time is high

Long staff training due to complexity of underlying systems

Large number of staff due to long complexity of processes 

Cost of training staff fully on multiple systems 

 Help desk users concern

Usage issues due to multiple, complex as well as slow systems

Customer concern

Lengthy calls to find basic information

Current turnaround times for many tasks is slow and inconsistent across contracts and platforms

Current Web system holds limited information and gives customers limited functionality.

Broker dealers and agents concern

Unable to meet customer expectation because of delay in processing


 Statement of Architecture Work
Architecture domain and views Web Application
  Message Broker
Resources need Project Manager 
  Business Analyst
  Developers/Technical Lead
  XYZ Architecture Review team
Road map and schedule for development 6 months
Objectives To develop architecture for XYZ Single Customer View
Measure of success Reduction of Help desk calls per day
  Response time reduction per call
  Reduction of Help desk staffs
Human Actors and Roles Help desk staff
Call handling Customers
Access policy details Management
Budgeting, decision making Sponsor
System Actors and Roles Home Insurance System
  Motor InsuranceSystem
  Life insurance system.(optional).

Target Architecture development

Top Down

Business Modeling

Generic Business Models -Use case and Activity

Business Transformation Risks and Mitigation Activities

Initial level of risk is minor  but cut over mechanism has to be devised in terms of business cutover and technical cut over
Governance Architecture Change request Management Procedure to be formalised.
  Architectute Review Board needs to be formed
  Solution Review Board needs to be formed
Stakeholders Sponsor
  Department heads&Implentation Organisation
  End user & customers


 Baseline Architecture Vision



 Target Architecture Vision

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