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The Enterprise Services Workplace (ES Workplace) has, once again, been extended with very useful information and reports for the planning and implementation phases of your service oriented architecture (SOA) projects. How often have you asked yourself if your system is SOA ready?  Which Business Functions should I activate to use specific Enterprise Services? Or are you always familiar with which Product Version a specific Software Component Version is being shipped? There are quite a few technical pre-requisites that have to be fulfilled before you can actually start with the implementation of your SOA project. Until now, the only good guideline has been the manual steps described in the SAP Note 1359215 – Technical prerequisites for using enterprise services.


The first part of this blog describes new data fields and new information available on the ES Workplace. The second part of this blog describes the dependencies between Enterprise Services, Business Functions, Technical Usages, Software Component Versions and Product Versions. The result will be a list of Technical Usages to select when installing an Enhancement Package and a list of Business Functions to activate to make the Enterprise Services you intend to use in your SOA project available on your system.


Let us first take a look at the documentation of a Service Operation in the ES Workplace. The Technical Data table displays some new information relevant to the provisioning of an Enterprise Service.



The field First Shipped With: Software Component Version displays the Software Component with which this Service was first shipped by SAP. Aligned to this SWCV, the field First Shipped With: Product Version states the SAP product with which the SWCV was first shipped.


Click on the link for the Product Version and you will have access to further information on this specific Product Version like Product Availability, Maintenance Dates & Supported Platforms on the SAP Service Marketplace.


If the Enterprise Service requires the activation of one or more Business Functions then they will be displayed further down in the Technical Data table in the field Business Function(s) required. This field is not displayed if no Business Functions are required.



Click on the link provided for a Business Function and you will find important Technical Data to the required Business Function.


The link to the complete documentation of the Business Function on SAP Help is available here just as the list of SAP products as of which this Business Function was first shipped by SAP. Important is also the display of the Technical Usage that must be activated when you install the Enhancement Package of one of the Product Versions named above.


The Technical Data of an Enterprise Service now also displays if this service is directly accessible in a Point-to-Point Communication scenario.  If point-to-point communication has been enabled, you can trigger Enterprise Services directly through the Web services protocol without using a mediator (such as for example SAP NetWeaver Process Integration). In other words, you can configure the direct communication between the consumer and the service provider. This enablement information is especially useful for asynchronous services because this attribute indicates if WS-RM (Web Services Reliable Messaging) has been implemented for this service.



The Glossary on the ES Workplace has been extended to include the explanation of most of the field attributes used in the ES Workplace. Click on the field name to open the description of that specific field. Or open the Glossary directly via the link available on the ES Workplace homepage.


Now, with all this new data and information available, I would like to illustrate how you can use the ES Workplace to determine the SOA readiness of your system. It is so fascinating simple that I will like to keep your curiosity until the second part of this blog.


Enjoy the ES Workplace and the new information available and check out Determine the SOA readiness of your System with the ES Workplace (Part 2) of this blog.


Marcel Podieh

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  1. Milan Konecny

    I still didn’t see this part in ES WORKPLACE for this ES(SalesOrderERPCreateRequestConfirmation_In_V2). Are these informations already “released”?



    1. Marcel Podieh Post author
      Hello Milan,

      All the information required has been “Released”. According to our data the enterprise service SalesOrderERPCreateRequestConfirmation_In_V2 does not require the activation of a Business Function. The attribute “Business Function(s) required” is not displayed in the ES Workplace for the Service Operation item if no Business Function is required.
      You can send me an email if you have any further questions. Please see my email address in my SDN profile.

      Marcel Podieh


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