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What is it used for?

Mailers interested in drop shipping must follow what is specified by Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST).  It may not be immediately obvious which entry points you need to choose for your mailing, as not all entry points can accept what you would like to mail.  

Maildirshow is an utility included with Presort that can help you determine which entry points you can use for drop shipments.

What do you need to use Maildirshow?

  • Presort – Maildirshow is only included with Presort.
  • National Directories – Maildirshow uses the facility.dir and maildirect.dir directories, which are part of the National Directories.

How do I use Maildirshow?

Please refer to KB1191609 for detailed instructions on how to use Maildirshow.  If you are new to FAST and drop shipping, take a look at Kendra’s The specified item was not found..

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