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SAP announced that the first full release of the technology platform in five years was being made available to a first wave of customers.

Below is a worthy excerpt on the new features of Netweaver 7.3 after 7.0

Architecture Differences between EP 7.0 and 7.3

  • AJAX Framework –Default
  • Enhanced Wiki’s & Forums are included in EP 7.3 as a add-on. No Special license is required
  • Mashups
  • J2EE 5 / JAVA SE 6
  • EP / CE Can be installed in same instance
  • No support for PAR files. All portal applications are now EAR (Enterprise Archive) based
  • Visual Admin is no longer available and is completely replaced with NWA (Netweaver Administrator)
  • Enterprise Workspaces are not available for EP 7.3 as of 04/06/2011
  • SAML 1.1/2.0 Support for SSO mechanism (SAP Recommendation for SSO)
  • JSR 168/286 support for remote portlets integration
  • New Navigation API’s for cross system navigation
  • Browser back button still an issue EP 7.3


  • Approximately 3 times faster performance than current EP 7X portal
  • Portal server Start/Stop time is reduced drastically (Near to Zero Down time)

Administration Tools

  • Visual Admin is replaced with NWA
  • Installing CE/EP 7.3 in same machine is possible
  • PAR migration tool for converting PAR files to EAR files
  • SDM is replaced with JSPM
  • Undeployment of SCA’s/EAR files are not possible using JSPM. You can use NWDS for this purpose.


  • Eclipse 3.5.2 based
  • JDK 1.6.0_7 or higher
  • OS Support for Windows XP 32-bit
  •    Windows Vista 32-bit
  •    Windows 2008 64-bit
  •    Windows 7 32-bit
  •    Windows 7 64-bit
  • 3 GB Free Space
  • 2 GB Ram Required
  • Improved Performance
  • New Visual Composer Environment

Ajax in EP 7.3

Below are some of the areas where Ajax is used

  • Ajax Framework Page
  • Ajax Desktop Page
  • Configuration Editor for configuring framework page settings
  • Theme Editor
  • Full screen mode
  • Splash screen
  • Navigation
  • Personalization
  • Show Breadcrumb
  • Title bar and Tool bar
  • Powerful L-Shape API’s
  • Navigation API
  • History API etc..

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  1. Paul Tomlinson

    Just a few comments.

    The performance is not 3 times faster.  In lab tests it was 1/3 faster (so 33% faster rather than 300% faster).
    Enterprise Workspaces will be available, just not yet.
    It is available for all customers now (it is in GA).
    Another area where there is a big improvement is in the area of Web Page Composer.



  2. Tom Cenens
    Hello Aditya

    There isn’t much hype around SAP Netweaver EP.7.3. From a technical point of view, new technology is being supported which is a good thing but then again it is very much focused on development and there are few improvements for system administration.

    To me it looks like from a functional point of view there are features missing which would create hype around EP 7.3. Evidence of that for me is the fact that SAP also utilizes a combination of EP and Jive for example for SCN.

    It seems that in order to have a great platform which can provide the end-users what they are looking for an integration of a third prty portal like Jive is in order.

    Kind regards



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