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In the 1993 movie Groundhog Day Phil Connors (Bill Murray) finds himself living through the same day again and again. My personal loop is all around Demo Jam – back in 2008 I was invited to be part of a Demo Jam encore presentation in Berlin.

I can still remember the huge room in the ICC filled with a huge audience – while I was driving a Bluetooth controlled RC/car over an RFID equipped carpet – updating the status of the mobile asset in SAP Inventory Management. I was sure I would never submit to Demo Jam again, given that it takes quite some effort to build a really good demo.

But for some reason the stress, the late nights, and all the effort are quickly forgotten and the next demo was quickly submitted.

In 2009 Tobias Queck and I showed how a beer keg can be connected to SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight linked to Plant Maintenance. The innovative use of a sprinkler valve, a beer keg, a beer pump, and a swiss army knife (maybe SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight and ERP had some part in it as well) won us the trophy in Phoenix and we came in second in Vienna. I can still recall the look of the stage crew when I ended up drenched in beer during the rehearsals – (screwing a beer pump into a keg on stage is surprisingly hard).  Also we learned that European beer taps are way more complicated than US beer pumps.

Smelling like a liquor store and still a little shaky we jointly decided to not submit another demo in 2010. Eventually 2010 came, and all the sleepless nights, and the beer smell where forgotten- and we ended up submitting again for Demo Jam in Las Vegas.

In 2010 we showed how a simple REST interface can be dynamically generated from every single SAP GUI screen – and allow for an easy development of lightweight applications against ERP- with no IT involvement. While our joined demo in Vegas did not score among the top 3 Tobias went on to Berlin where he actually won his second Demo Jam title. 

And again – the decision was clear “No more Demo Jam”.

Now it is 2011 and we finally break the cycle. This is the first year that I am with SAP that I will not be on stage, not even will I be submitting a demo.

Tobias and I were asked to support the TechED team by coaching and helping YOU with your demo. With our joined Demo Jam experience we will be available for you to talk to us about your demo idea, to show us the demo before you submit it so that we can give you some hints about what the selection committee might be looking for and how you can increase your chances to make it to the finals in Las Vegas, Madrid or Bangalore. Since we are the first ever coaches that are also Demo Jam alumni we hope to be able to help you create the best possible demo – and see you stand on stage in front of an eager audience.

And from experience I know that the submission deadlines usually come up super fast, so remember, July 7th for Las Vegas and August 5th for Madrid and Bangalore.

You can reach us through or skype or email to schedule your individual feedback session.

You can find our business cards here:


Tobias Queck
skype: tobias.queck

Sebastian Steinhauer
skype: sebastian.steinhauer

See you soon – and watch out for more background information on Demo Jam!

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  1. Michal Krawczyk
    congratulations on your new coaching position 🙂
    I guess they had to find something for the demo jam addicts hehe:)

    Michal Krawczyk

  2. Erika Atencio
    In order to participate in  SAP Demo Jam competition:

    Which SAP products one can participate with? Could it be Business Objects & Crystal Reports?


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