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portal logon images using par file does not change Biller Direct logon moreover,

I have researched SDN and did not find a good document to do the same which

encouraged me to write this Blog. I am also ending one of other misconception

that you can’t change Biller Direct without NWDI.


Blog is a guide of changing look and feel of Biller Direct you might require

help of Basis Consultant as you need to get into physical system for changing.


Direct URL:

Biller Direct Url


Look and Feel to be changed – I

!|height=337|alt=Biller direct logon image|width=627|src=!<br /></p><p> </p>

<p>1) Go to

below location and replace these images with new one</p>









make sure to change these files as jsp are only executed if they are changed,

make some small unnoticeable change in below jsp from below location</p><p> </p>

<p>2) Go to

..**</p><p>/usr/sap/<SID>/JC16/j2ee/cluster/server0/apps/</p><p> </p>


files umLogonBotArea.txt </p>


files umLogonTopArea.txt</p>



<p> </p>

<p>Look and Feel to be changed – IIFor

changing text change file  (content_logoff_html.jsp) at above location

Biller Direct text

Look for

resources logoff.headline1 and logoff.headline2 replace this with new text

*Output [Client specific

information is removed and provided a generic test page]*



Result I

* ** *



* ** *

* !|height=287|alt=Result II|width=627|src=!</body>

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    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Kai

      Blog you have mentioned changes normal portal screen not biller direct and there is no direct way of doing this using NWDS


      1. Former Member
        Hi Hermant,

        there are 2 logons : (Portal) (WAS)

        take a look to this forum question :
        /thread/1156339 [original link is broken]

  1. Former Member Post author
    Hi Kai

    Thanks for your response , please notice that this is change to biller direct portal screen which you access using /bd .

    However this is not a portal login screen which you access through /irj.

    So you can’t change this using NWDS as far i know.


  2. Former Member
    Before you start going down this path, it is worth noting that you need to replace the files after every support pack/patch, and do this on every instance and server node…
  3. Former Member
    changing the files directly on file system will cause issues when you apply patches to BD portal…you need to re-apply your customization everytime + do it manually on all server nodes and instances and not to forget to do it Dev/QA/PROD without transport will also cause exceptions to be agreed…its one way you can achieve it but not best practice

    best practice is to import fscm~bd application in NWDI track, use NWDS to apply customization and deploy…

    1. Former Member Post author
      Yes i agree i need to change it after upgrade / patches .This can’t be done using par devlopment hence not transportable. The only way possible is changing server file location ,other alternate was going through NWDI .

      However i dont think customer will opt for NWDI just for biller direct portal customization.


      1. Former Member Post author
        Hi guys,

        Thanks for your inputs.

        As I said this is one of the options based on circumstances and definitely not limited to.

        I appreciate all your concerns but let me clear you that this solution is very much in consensus with customer with the available infrastructure. Its not feasible in all situations to go for NWDI specially when the time at hand is crunching and customer is on top of you for the quick result.

        Though additionally customer has asked us to provide the manual so that their technical support team could do this activity post any patch or system changeover. So I would say a win-win situations for us here.



  4. senthilprakash selvaraj

    Hi Hemant,

    Can you please help on:

    1. How to access those logonPage.Jsp and the two text files via NWDI? we have NDI installed in our Env but i am not able to find the LogonPage.Jsp over there.

    2. Once editing is done how to Import back the files to the server location using NWDI?

    I am new to Biller Direct and web related activities.

    Help will be immensely appreciated.




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