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Often I see consultants are  worried that experience on which phase of the project life cycle will be more valuable in future .Whether there will be more demand for consultants  who has experience in implementation project or testing and/or support  assignments.

Personally, I see demand for everyone in coming days and there is no dearth of any specific genre of projects. Few people believes that as all the big organizations have already implemented ERP there will be scarcity of implementation projects in future  and only support projects will  have majority share. I don’t think that will be the exact scenario and the reason I beg to differ from it are as follows

  • Entrepreneurs      & new companies: Every day new companies are coming into existence      with all new intuitive business models.       These companies will grow in future and will need IT solutions to      operate efficiently. So, always there will be projects involving      implementation of new applications in these organizations.
  • SAP      By Design & Business One – There are millions of Small and Medium      scale Enterprises (SME) operating on non-integrated IT solutions. SAP’s      fantastic offerings, By Design and Business One, provide SME an      opportunity to leverage SAP’s potential. Implementations in these small      and medium scale companies have just started to accelerate and there will      be huge number of assignments in this area.
  • Merger      & Acquisitions: As the time passes, economy becomes more mature and      survival of the fittest becomes more and more pertinent. In such a      scenario there will mergers and acquisitions which will trigger      re-implementation and convergence projects.
  • Changing      Business Processes – Globalization has enforced the organizations to      develop ground breaking business models and smart processes. Companies      need to evolve there processes to maintain there position in market.  In such a case implementation based on five      year old business processes may not be relevant with time.  Hence, companies will have to fathom the      delta change and re-implement there applications in case of major change      in business models/processes .
  • Testing      assignments coupled with Implementation – Testing and implementation are      inseparable. With every implementation project there are rounds of unit,      integration and user acceptance testing phase. With good flow of      implementation project  I don’t see      any scarcity of testing assignments.

Disclaimer : The views mentioned are my own and  does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer

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  1. Former Member
    I see all of the areas of implementation, testing and maintenance are needed.  It just depends on what you are good at.  (And what you enjoy.)  I would add project work to the list.  It may be under the implementation category.  But project work for us could be using what we have in a different way.  Not really implementation.

    If you have enthusiasm for the work that you do, it will translate into a job well done.   If you HATE maintenance well then don’t specialize in it.  The same goes for anything listed.  

    (In my company – we are using consultants in all of the areas listed.)

    Really are the skills that you use or need that different depending on the project you are on?  I would see the same skills sets are desired.  I just would like to see my consultant excited about the work he/she is doing.

    I believe good consultants will always be needed.

    Of course I have high standards on what a good consultant is… ๐Ÿ˜‰



    The future does look bright for all of SAP skill sets.

    1. Former Member Post author
      Indeed Michelle.
      Good consultants will always be in demand as there will all different flavors of project available . 
      One should not think whether it is support or implementation experience will be more desired by market . What market crave for is good consultants.


  2. Former Member

    Nice Article!!

    By Design will definitily gain traction in coming years.It will be interesting to see how SAP solutions evolve in coming years and compete with similar products in the market space. Some of the competitors have already been in cloud for some time and there seems to be lot of reallignment in the maket space in terms of partnerships, offerings,acquisitions etc.Recent example being Microsoft patnership with SalesForce and Oracle in Azure and other areas.

    We will definitely see some more distruptive changes in the niche business areas and this will have a bearing on the Business Adaptibility,Business Offerings (New and Old) and Long Term vision.

    As rightly suggested by Michelle consultants need to be existed what they are doing and keep eyes open on evolving SAP horizon.”Future Shock” by Avin Tofler is very much relevant in today’s time as well.


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