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I use to be a developer…..

I use to be a developer….. 10 years ago???  15 years ago??? 20 years ago???


Well, you all must have heard this statement again and again. From your business, from Project Managers, Functional folks, Testing Team. This list goes on and on….

They clearly want to show off that they have this skill. In essence in 99% of the cases, they have no clue on what you or the team is developing.  The more you pretend to listen to them…. the more they get out of control and starts blabbering how they coded a complex functionality/interface.


If they are truly know development, they should jump in and

  • Help the developer with designing
  • Help QA development object
  • Provide feedback and suggestion for improvement
  • Stop reminding other and start adding value




Before you say “I use to be a developer…..”  Think about –

  • When did you develop?
  • How long did you develop?
  • Do you still have the knack for development?
  • Can you add value NOW?




And if you hear someone say “I use to be a developer…..” ask them to be your guest and start developing. At least, this way they can add some value to the project.


Did you come across and “I use to be a developer…..

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    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks Frank for bring this out. That’s a good way of looking.
      If we turn it around it is worth listening as long as they add value and share the knowledge with the developer. These folks will not keep repeating “I used to be a developer…” the developer will realize that this person has stuff.


  1. Former Member
    I think you need to re-evaluate the way you interact with non-developers Srini.

    People that say “I used to be a developer” are trying to establish some level of expert power. They are trying to show you that their statements are based on some level of experience. This is not a bad thing. Most people want expert power to be established to add value to the ideas being discussed, unless Ego gets in the way.

    Dismissing people with words like “in 99% of the cases, they have no clue”, “pretend to listen to them”, “out of control”, and “blabbering” shows a lack of listening skills, respect, willingness to learn, and professionalism.

    If someone dismisses the opinion of people with some level of expert power, I can’t imagine how they treat people with no experience. We can learn something from everyone, if we have an open mind.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Thank You for sharing your perspective Jason.  I appreciate you taking time and providing a great comment on my blog. From one angle, I agree with you.

      Let me give you my perspective. I myself started my career as ABAP developer and working technical development in various roles and I still love development.  As a Business Analyst and functional SME, I approach developer in a different way. I still do Quality reviews involving SME and we help the development team with our experience and expertise by giving constructive feedback and helping them understand and improve the development work.
      Many of my colleagues, who are excellent developers in the past, do not claim or keep claiming their past. Rather they roll up the sleeves and help the development team in collaborate ways.
      In my blog, I captured what I experienced and what my peer and developer often hear from some of the other not true developer but claiming to be one and not adding any value and helping development team. In few instances, I asked the person what exactly they developed in the past. The answer is COBOL or dBase and they did this for a very short duration. With Web Dynpro, Webservice calls, XML coding … what value can they add. (When I say 99% of the case… I mean 99% case when I not true developer claim to be a developer…)
      In my perspective true developers do not claim this way. This is like challenging current developer skills and disrespecting them. What do you think?

      Again, Thank you so much for sharing your perspective. This will give our SDN community members different perspectives.


      1. Former Member
        Disrepect has no place on a project for sure, but I’m not sure that’s the intent of the people making this statement.

        Then again, nobody likes a “know-it-all”, and it seems you might have had your share.

        Good luck going forward.

  2. Former Member
    It seems you’ve had a hard time interacting with people that brag about being a developer a long time ago… Just take it easy and do not pay too much attention to that.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks you Erika for sharing your thought on this blog. This is a very good point and I agree it sounds that way.
      I have great rapport with my developers. I heard this comment from various developers on many projects and their frustration when they come across one and though I share this on SDN.



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