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Comparision list of BPC Script Logic command between NW version and MS version

I guess many consultants already know the difference between BPC NW version and MS version.

Even though you know the difference, I think this chart will help us as a reference.

If you find anything wrong in the list, please leave a comment so that I can update it continuously.

Thank you.


*Index of Color

     YELLOW : Supported by both version.

     GREEN : Supported by NW version only

     WHITE : Supported by MS version only

     ORANGE : It was supported by MS version before 7.0 but not suppported any more.


Here is a link of Google docs. If you want to add more, please use it and edit, I will convert it as image and will publish it later

image image image image

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  • Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the information – can you comment on other prompts like *GET – which based on the oss note is available in BPC 7.5 NW but I’m having issues getting it to work. Also the prompt STRtoMEMBERS doesn’t seem to work for me in NW but works in MS.

    Thanks, Pete

    • Hi Peter,

      Neither *GET nor *FLD works in BPC NW. *GET is replaced by MDX tuples, but *FLD has no replacement. The missing STRTOMEMBER in the NW version is a limitation of the BW MDX engine, but hopefully will be addressed.


      This sheet is great! Thank you for sharing it. Would it be possible to create a community-maintained version, perhaps on the SCN wiki? I’d like to update it with more information like that mentioned above. Another example is that *RUNALLOCATION exists in both NW and MS, but it works differently, which is really important to know if you are doing a migration.


      • Ethan,

        I was trying to create Wiki page but there are two problems.

        1. I can’t figure out how to set a background color in the table. It didn’t work
        2. it needs to get an approval to publish wiki.

        if you need to add in this post, please send it to me james.lim et, then I will add it with your names.

        Thank you.
        James Lim

    • Hi Lokesh,

      I created it based on the help document of EPM10 and old logic documents so if help document is correct, It will be correct.

      But as you know, NW version has a big tool which is ‘BADI’ so even though some function is not supported, it can be handled by ‘BADI’

      In addition, NW development team will add more functionality in the future.

      Thank you.
      James Lim.

  • Hi Ethan,

    Thanks and yes, that was my understanding of the use of GET. So what you are saying is that the oss note that states that GET is available in BPC 7.5 NW is incorrect.

    Yes, the same as I understand for the MEMBER prompts – this is something that I was suggesting to include with this list. There are a number of these and I know we can’t cover all of them but adding more from the overall list, even based on groups of prompts would be very valuable as well.

    thanks again for setting up this list.


    • STRtoMEMBERS is a function name of MDX so this is not a BPC issue but a BI OLAP engine issue.

      I think other commands are same thing.

      Please remember those are not standard function name but a function name that is supported only in the Microsoft OLAP engine.

      so I think we may not put that in the list.
      I will add GET() ASAP.

      BTW, I already created a ticket for FLD to development a month ago and it will be implemented later but the schedule was not set yet.

      James Lim.

  • Hi James,
    thanks for the great work!

    I’d add to the list *WHEN_REF_DATA instruction, only for NW, which roughly works like PUT().

    I agree too it would be nice mention also those function supported by both, but that works in different ways.

    I’m thinking to *RUNALLOCATION, of course, but also to *SELECT: in MS you can pass logic variables, like %dim_SET% as filter parameters, while you can’t do that in NW.
    This affects the flexibility level you may have when designing your logic.

    Thanks again