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SAP Crystal Server 2011 – Update #6

With the recent announcement of both SAP Crystal Server 2011 and SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI 4.0, there’s lots of interest in clarifying the differences between the 2 products.

This image provides a summary of the differences.  


In general, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI 4.0 differs from SAP Crystal Server in 2 main ways: functionality, and capacity.

From a functionality standpoint, Edge BI 4.0 standard edition adds:

  • Ahoc analysis with Webi
  • OLAP analysis
  • BI widgets
  • SAP integration
  • Mobile BI
  • Dashboards viewing and Explorer in CAL licenses.

From a capacity standpoint, Edge BI provides for either CAL or NUL licenses for all advanced BI content (Webi, Dashboard viewing, Explorer, BI Workspace) while SAP Crystal Server only allows NUL licenses to access Dashboards, Explorer, and BI Workspaces to a maximum of 100 NULs.

On the other hand, SAP Crystal Server reflects its reporting roots by supporting report viewing to a maximum of 250 CALs.

I hope this summary helps you understand the differences between SAP Crystal Server and the Edge BI editions, and SAP BusinessObjects BI/EIM 4.0.

Regards, Blair

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Blair,

    Thanks for the quick turnaround in getting this post out.  As a consulting partner and reseller with a lot of Tier 2/3 companies wanting BI, I can assure you that the new offerings in CR Server 2011 definitely open up a lot more doors for organisations wanting to improve their BI.

    Kind regards,

    Joshua Fletcher

    1. Blair Wheadon Post author
      Thanks Joshua.  You’re right – Crystal Server is designed for exactly that situation – small firms with 100 users or less that want to take that first step with BI.
    1. Blair Wheadon Post author
      Hi Jennifer.  We aren’t in a position to make any announcements about CALs for BusinessObjects Enterprise at this time.  I’ll be sure to blog about it if and when we do make that change.

      Thanks, Blair

    1. Blair Wheadon Post author
      No- that’s correct.  Crystal Server supports up to 250 CAL for report viewing only.  The rationale is that reporting is different from the other BI tools.  It’s more commoditized, and therefore we support higher capacities in Crystal Server than the BI tools.
  2. Former Member
    Hi Blair,

    Thanks for the great comparison chart.  We have what used to be called Business Objects Enterprise Premium.  Am I right to think it is now called SAP Business Objects BI 4.0?  With all the changes I haven’t been able to keep up with exactly what “bells and whistles” are included.  Is there a new white paper on it?  Also, when is v4.0 going to be ready?


    1. Blair Wheadon Post author
      Hi Dianne,

      Yes, your upgrade path is to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0.  You should watch the Business Analytics blog for more information on availability of BI 4.0:

      This post has the latest information:

      There are many great posts on SCN covering whats new in BI 4.0.  Here’s a few:

      Intriguing features of BI 4

      Start learning BusinessObjects BI 4.0 now!

      Hope this helps.  Blair.

  3. Former Member
    When will SQL Server 2008 R2 be supported for Crystal Server 2011 (or even Crystal Reports Server 2008)? for both data sources or CMS repository.

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