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Almost a year ago, I posted a blog titled ‘Contribute to better a Product? Do you have ideas for SAP PI?‘. The objective was to get a dedicated page for Process Integration so that consultants, users and customers, if interested could post their thoughts and suggestions on improving the product.


Currently Process Integration and the future is under review. The wait has exceeded a year now but the interest of many fellow community members in this area has not diminished. Recently we had Suggesting PI Improvements – Features Functionalities Behavior, open a wiki page for suggesting improvements to PI. I also met with a customer who said he has initiated a dialogue with SAP in suggesting improvements to the product. There are user groups who are focused on product improvements to PI but then it is a closed network and not all can discuss and contribute their ideas.


We need a place for ideas and the question I have is ‘Is Idea place the right place for this specific need?’. I hope someone managing Idea place can answer it. I personally believe that it is since it will be open enough for consultants, customers and other stakeholders. But if I am proven wrong, then the wiki page started by Prateek will need to be publicized more so as to bring it to the attention of contributors and get the ideas flowing.


PI has matured over the years but there is still a lot that has to go into the product to make it an ideal fit for a multitude of requirements. The community is keen to contribute and I am sure SAP will be happy to listen.

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  1. Kuhan Milroy
    Hi Shabarish,
    The PI Idea Session is coming. There is no guarantee an Idea Session will ever be created for every request. It is up to the owning SAP team to commit. But this is where your requests and votes can help win the case. As such in the PI case! The PI Idea Session is coming, expect to see it up in a week.
    I will post the link back here.

    Thank you


        1. Former Member
          Hi Shabarish,

          Some contributors have already started posting their ideas on wiki and blog. We have to streamline the corret usage of both Idea Place and wiki to collect the ideas in best possible way and keep them alive.

          Kenny, thanks for jumping into this immediately.

          Best regards,
          Prateek Raj Srivastava

          1. Shabarish Vijayakumar Post author
            it does seem idea place is where SAP is keenly looking into for ideas as they are actively monitoring sessions.

            If the wiki can be linked, then it makes the whole collaboration easier.

            We will wait and see how we can make the best out of the two.



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