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This week, as you log in to SAP StreamWork, you’ll see that we’ve made some of the most visible changes since our launch last year. As always, our goal has been to make it more intuitive and more enjoyable to use and to help you connect better with the people you work with. To that end, the new changes you’ll see are focused on three areas – a new home screen for everyone, a guide that helps new users get started, and improvements to the activity interface. Here’s a look at each change in more detail.

New home page

The new home page, which you’ll see immediately when you log in, is intended to give you a snapshot of everything that’s important to you. The main section of the home page groups together updates to your feed, your recent activities, and any pending action items you have. You can quickly update your status, create a new activity, or close an action item.


On the right side, you’ll see a thumbnail of your own profile – with direct links to view more details or edit your settings. Below that, you’ll see who else is currently online – and have immediate access to chat with them, follow their feed, or invite them to an activity. Like home pages of other common social applications, it also shows you who’s following your status feed and who you’re following. If you’ve been invited to an activity or mentioned in a status update, you’ll see notifications on your home screen for those as well.


If you’re in a different view, you can always get back to the home page by clicking “Home” or the “SAP StreamWork” logo at the top of the page.

Help getting started

When you invite someone new to work with you in SAP StreamWork, we’ve made it simple for them to learn exactly what it is and how to get started. If you’ve just registered for the first time, you’ll see a Getting Started screen with a video introduction and then be prompted to personalize your profile – so it’s easier for your colleagues to recognize and work with you. It will also help you connect to others you know who may already be using SAP StreamWork and show you how to create a new activity and update your status.


Activity enhancements

When viewing your activity list, we’ve made it faster and more obvious how to search for the right activity – important if you have lots – by bringing the search field into the foreground instead of hiding it behind a button.


Once you’re in an activity, you’ll also see improvements. The main work canvas has been redesigned to give it a cleaner interface – or “more space to breathe,” as our design team says. If you have a wide-screen monitor, the canvas will take advantage of the full width of your screen.


We’ve added two important new tools: One lets you embed YouTube videos directly into your activity, and the other lets you add Google Maps. To see these tools, click “Tools Catalog” and choose “Basic.”


Finally, if you’ve spent lots of time creating an activity that you know you’ll need to create again later, it’s now easy to save the entire activity – tools included – as a template.


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