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This is just a fun way of highlighting the SAP Inside Track.  It will be July 15 in TWO locations.  You just have to be close to one of them.  (Chicago, say you are close to Chicago.)

I am not an editor of videos – too much time too little to do.  (Quote from a movie I like)  So what you see at the start is me asking if my glasses had went dark.  And then me taking off the glasses.

Enjoy the video – we will be blogging, tweeting, generally trying to get some good hype going around this event.  “WE” who are these we people.  “We” means not just the people that have the fun job of overseeing these events.  “We” means you too.  If you are going to go, even if you aren’t – continue letting people know about this FREE event.  The sessions will be added the WIKIs shortly.   And – yes, you can expect another blog about them.  Or several…  Several blogs about these events.

If the sessions are not something you would normally go to.  Just think about the networking.  I rarely take the time to meet new people face to face in the SAP world.  Just too much work – well – at work.  I really do have a real job.  I love these events.  Of course TechEd is my favorite.  But something like this works for me too!  It’s free, and it’s close.

And yes, I love SDN.  I do meet people here.  But you just cannot replace good ‘ole meeting face to face. 

Check out the WIKIs.  Look for the blogs.  Sign up is coming soon…


St Louis

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  1. Tom Cenens
    Hello Michelle

    I really love your enthousiasm and I hope it catches people to come to the SAP Inside Track.

    Free SAP training is just wonderful and should be embraced by many along with the networking which is great to meet people.

    A great initiative which we will also hopefully host in Belgium this year. Thanks again for helping me to get to support the iniative.

    Kind regards


  2. Tom Cenens
    Hello Michelle

    I really love your enthousiasm and I hope it catches people to attend SAP Inside Track.

    Free SAP training is wonderful, a great initiative triggered by the SCN Community. Also a great opportunity to do networking, meeting people is always a pleasure.

    I hope we can host Inside Track in Belgium this year. It is work in progress so thanks to you and Martin Gillet for supporting me to get involved in the initiative.

    Kind regards


    PS: We should collaborate again sometime ๐Ÿ˜‰ Always fun collaborating with you.

    1. Former Member Post author
      Belgium – Another local place for people to go to!   We need as many of these in local places as we can get.  That way we can get a lot of us together in one place.  I confidence that you and Martin +++ whoever else is working on this will get one together.

      -Two comments – much better than no comment.

      Thank you!


      These opportunities are like giving me a big bar of chocolate.  I love it.  In fact, I’m taking a vacation day for this one.  I think of it as that much fun.

      For those that think I’m nuts.  I really do love my job.  (Not all days.  But most of them.)

      @Tom I’d love to collaborate again.  It’s fun.  We’ll have to think of a great topic.  Someday we will meet in person.  SAP is a small world.

  3. Sylvia Santelli
    One thing Michelle does NOT lack is enthusiasm! Great way to set the tone of this event!

    Also, are there hashtags that we can follow along for all the updates?

    1. Former Member Post author
      Here are the Hashtags:
      #SAPIT715 – both
      #SAPITSTL – St Louis
      #SAP ITCHI – Cool tag right?  It’s really #SAPITCHI

      Thank you for the kind words!



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