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The one DMM revision in this issue is “Adult Signature Service,” for mailers who want to require an adult (21 or over) to sign for a mailpiece of an eligible type (Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Select barcoded nonpresort, or Parcel Select Regional Ground).

Now, the Label List updates: I just checked that Label List updates have been listed in the “DMM Revision” section previously, but now they show up under Organization Information in the Mailing and Shipping Services section in case you were having trouble finding them!

Anyway, these changes are not required until August 20, even though they’ve been available for use (and the only option listed on the USPS’s Postal Explorer web site) since June 6. In just one example that I know of that happens to affect our La Crosse area 3-digit ZIP code of 546, the L011 table for non-NDC/ASF entry of PER and STD mail letters removed 546 from Des Moines and added a completely new entry for Minneapolis including 546 and other surrounding ZIPs. In that one case mixed trays entered here in La Crosse that indicated Des Moines on the tray label were held up because the online listing showed only Minneapolis as the correct label-to, even though that’s not required until August.

As I noted in my last PB summary, the new online location for the Label Lists does NOT give any indication about when changes were made to the table. I think a reasonable default position will be to assume there may be some table updates recently made anytime there are issues like the one I just described. Certainly there are times when there may be software mistakes in labeling, but the most common cause of discrepancies by *far* is from table updates that are not yet required to be used, especially when it’s impossible to tell from the online data when changes may have been made. So I guess the moral is just to be ready to ask about the dates of changes whenever you run into such issues.

Everything else in this PB appears to be of the routine variety, so that’s all the info until June 30.

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