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SAP Projects in companies have their own schedules and deliverables. Some projects start early and finish late and some may start late and finish early. Most of the time, these projects need same objects/code to be modified. In large organizations, the developers in these project teams belong to different departments within IT. This leads to a change management nightmare. Many a times an old version of the code gets transported to production, this may lead to data inconsistencies and monetary losses if you have certain SLA commitments with your customers.

In order to minimize these risks, I have developed a utility tool to compare the object’s version before transporting it to production system. Use this tool in the central transport management system (TMS) where in you have setup the workflow for the transport proposals. 

You can download this tool from Code Exchange SAP Objects Version Compare

If you choose, you can call this tool’s API in your transport proposal workflow or you can simply use the provided report program ZTMS_COMPARE_OBJ_VERSIONS.

Here is the snapshot of the report Program.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Install and activate SAPLink on your TMS system.
  2. Install and activate SAPLink plugin DDic on your TMS System.
  3. Install and activate this tool using SAPLink on your TMS System.
  4. Import SREPO tool using OSS Note 1368474 in all the development systems. (You need not have to configure your system as per the note, to use this tool).
  5. Make sure user “TMSADM” has authorization to execute rfc’s BDL5, SCTS_COMP_OBJ and SCTS_COMP_REPOS in all your development systems.


If you like to contribute to the project please let me know. Also please report the bugs at the project web site.

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