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Have you ever woken up from sleep with a feeling that today, “Am going to do these 2 things, am craving to do it as soon as I touch work”

Or do you wake up in the morning and drag yourself to office….via this Blog am trying to play devils advocate, I would try to rub you on the wrong side, if you are a sulked SAP Consultant that just wants the 8 hours to pass or never want those 8 hours to get consumed with the thirst of going on.

Our Blog has a very strong mix to Corporate Social Responsibility, just because, only if you are motivated, you can actually influence the world around you….with the philosophical touch to the intent to your content, lets move on with more practical side of things that will help us achieve what the inner side wants. In short, at the end of reading this Blog, you must be able to put yourself in the quadrants below -> Derive meaning -> Act upon fast

The Motivational Index

Motivational Mash-ups

Without any further philosophy on the topic, we would take some real-time examples to explain what motivational mixes and mash-ups mean.

You need to identify “What you Crave for” in and around your work streams.

 Continue to do what you do best: make your living

–          All Play and no work can take you down the journey, continue to do those amazing projects, share collaborate and help the customer with the deliverable, don’t stop get follow-on work, SOW’s, contracts, nurture your win side of the equation.

–          Have at-least one Green-field implementation, One major Upgrade, one Roll-out, One Business Process Re-Engineering project on your resume…this swim will give you the SME branding (you will become a Subject matter expert as you keep getting these laurels). Customers, Partners and whichever target audience that matters to you, would trust you, would go by your recommendations

 Identify some of the areas that you find motivational, but don’t practice

–          There is a Blog, article, white paper, initiative out there, you get the prompted to click on them to mine, don’t just stop, identify some area that catches your attention

–          Take a pen and a paper and jot down your intentions of follow-on on any substantial line that helps your 360 degree perspective of nurturing them.

–          Get into the habit of getting connected to at-least one engine that helps stay connected with what’s happening on the un-official side of the official channel, by that I mean, get connected with Social Networking engines, the biggest bet for you is to stay connected with the SDN channel that helps the re-directs to various other engines.

–          Get savvy about what’s beyond the typical transaction view of things, this means that if you have just completed a challenging implementation, read more about how others did it, what did you do in common, was your platform different, was your approach unique, do you have substantial information to share etc….in simple terms this means, go beyond the work equation to spread the good things you’ve done and want others to on-board or at least know.

–          Every human being is different, find out what’s different about you, find out what you are best at and then funnel those thoughts, re-package them in a way it brings further interest to your pursuance.

 – Once in a while its a getaway to tune into some of these movies…movies, I mean some of these webinars from SAP insider or SAP TV or even tuning live into the or even SAPPHIRE NOW, would make you feel awesome

Take a test drive, click on the links below for a feel of these events

–          Have the human interactive side of you to get 360 degree feedback of your existence in the industry, only then will you be able to justify your abilities to transform and motivate the customer and your target audience.

 Funnel your motivational interest areas to substantial line items

–          All the exercise above would funnel into your intentions line item wise, as a Consultant you would see yourself wanting to stay ahead of competition & this, you would achieve when you demonstrate your thought leadership on the line items you’ve chosen to excel and contribute.

–          You are not alone, if you collaborate, you would see more hands reaching out to you to compliment every act you do.

–          Change your attitude towards deflective thoughts that arise when you are accomplishing these initiatives. At some point, you might ask yourself “what’s the underlying tangible benefit”, at that moment, just look back at the quadrant above.

 In short, all that am trying to communicate is “Get Motivated, Get going, contribute, collaborate, lead from the front” and don’t loose out in the rat race…there is competition out there and the biggest element that would help you combat competition, is “Motivational Mash-ups”, that’s the biggest mantra for success…

 Happy reading, my next Blog would lack the personal touch…just joking, its going to be more from our SAP Procurement shop -> stay tuned

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