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In this short series of blogs I would like to highlight some of the new functionality of SAP BusinessObjects Live Office 4.0. In the first part we will look at the combination of Live Office and Microsoft Outlook, in the second part we will look at the combination of Live Office and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, and in the third part we will look at the combination of Live Office and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.


After you installed Live Office 4.0 on your client (assumung Microsoft Office is installed as well) you can see the Live Office panel in Microsoft Outlook.



The Live Office panel allows you to search for a report and in that way it allows you to insert relevant information from your SAP BusinessObjects system as part of an eMail. For example, here I searched all my reports for the word sales and received a list of possible reports.




In the next step I can now decide to either insert the report into my eMail as a Live Office object or to insert it as a link. In the first example I select the choice to insert the report as Live Office object.


In this case I am presented with the viewer and I do not have to include the complete report, instead I can select parts of my report – in this case the chart…..



…. which we then can include as part of the eMail.



In case we would include the report as a link into the eMail, you can see that this is a Open Document link that is embedded into the eMail.



Now you might have noticed in the very first screen that the Live Office panel has Associations and Suggestions. In our example we did send an eMail with the report included. In case the recipient of the eMail is responding to our eMail, Live Office will then automatically show the report in the list of Associations.





Associations are based on the Subject line of the reports.


In addition you will see report listed as a Suggestion. Suggestions are based on the recipients. So in case you would create an additional eMail to the same eMail address, the previous selected report would be suggested as a possible report of interest based on the situation that we used the report previously for this recipient.


I hope that this highlighed some of the new features of Live Office 4.0. In the next part we will take a look at combining Live Office with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

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  1. Former Member
    Its Great to see the new features of Live office 4.0. it will be very useful to the End User for all analysis and broadcasting.

    Is Live office 4.0 is Enhanced with Drill down functionality , within the MS-Office Package for all reporting Tools in BO.

    Blog is really amazing.

    Thanks a lot .

    1. Ingo Hilgefort Post author
      Hello Senthil,

      when you refer to Drill Down, what exactly do you have in mind ?

      When you show the data from Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports in Live Office you see the fields that you selected as part of the creation wizaard – without the option to drill down further,

      If the drill down is an important requirement I would recommmend to look at SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Micrcosst.



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