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Below blog is based on my past experience on E-Sourcing 5.1/CLM2.0 System Upgrade. I have included all the steps required for any upgrade within ESO 5.1/CLM2.0, which were missing in standard upgrade guide. This blog shows high level of steps required for system upgrade for SAP E-Sourcing 5.1 / CLM 2.0 to higher patch release.  Below is the table of content from the Article.

Table of Contents of Article

1 Introduction
1.1. About this Document
1.1.1 Purpose
1.1.2 Constraints
1.2 Before You Start
1.2.1 SAP Notes for the Upgrade
2 Upgrade
2.1 Planning
2.1.1 Upgrade sequence (Check List)
2.1.2 Prerequisites
2.1.3 Effort Estimation
2.2 Preparation
2.2.1 Check system information to verify the current software version
2.2.2 Backup database and Sourcing home directory
2.2.3 Run pre-conversion scripts for the relevant release
2.3 Upgrade Process
2.3.1 Un-installing current application version
2.3.2 Installing new application version
2.3.3 Upgrade database
2.4 Post Upgrade Process
2.4.1 Upgrade Workbooks
2.4.2 Post-Conversion Scripts
2.4.3 Replace Password Fields in Integration Configuration Object with Encrypted System Properties
2.4.4 Checking current version after system upgrade
3 Reference

3.1 SAP E-Sourcing
3.2 SAP E-Sourcing Supported Configurations

3.3 Reverting Upgrade
3.4 Upgrade article for functional consultants by Tridip Chakraborthy
3.4 SSO Configuration
4 Disclaimer and Liability Notice

Link to Article:

Note: Method in the article has been tested by upgrading from release 5.1.02 to 5.1.06, and 5.1.04 to 5.1.08

Please feel free to ask any question related to article on this blog.

Happy Reading…..

~Ankush Mittal

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