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This is a cry for help!

A request to all of you who attend SAP events all the time (well….often).


So far I have attended a lot of SAP events, but mostly specialized events on BI, but never #SAPPHIRENOW or #SAPTechEd.


Now I plan to go to Madrid in November, and …wow!!  Great news! The two are planned at the same time at the same place, and you don’t have to pay twice !


But wait!  Which one shall I attend, because SAPPHIRE: 9-10thand SAP TechEd: 8-11th?

Luckily, I was planning to learn how to duplicate myself, but I am not sure I will master it before November….


I would be tempted to attend TechED, because I am more on the practical / hands-on / geek side, but I understand SAPPHIRE is great to understand the strategy and the roadmaps of SAP products.


So: what is your advice? 


Note: I am currently trying to find a position in Canada or in the US. Where can I plan to meet most of the American attendees?

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  1. Witalij Rudnicki
    Depends what you are looking for. TechEd sessions are more technical, SAPPHIRE session are more for decision-makers (read marketing). If you are looking for N.Amer. why not to consider coming to TechEd Las Vegas or ASUG BusinessObjects conference (Orlando afaik).
  2. Former Member
    Hi Eric, Sapphire Now and TechEd target different audiences. Sapphire Now is a marketing event. You can get a boat-load of useful information on SAP products and their future roadmap. But if you are a developer who would like to rollup your sleeves and find out how to use the products for example, you need to go to TechEd which is primarily for developers. If you are going to TechEd, I strongly suggest you to attend the Innovation Weekend. You will be spending 2 full days working with fellow developers using the latest SAP technologies. In my humble opinion, it was the best experience I had at TechEd.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Former Member
    If you’re looking for more US contacts and opportunities, why not head to TechEd Vegas in early September? Then you can catch Sapphire Now in Madrid also later on? 🙂

    I agree with Jason’s comments about Innovation Weekend, I’m eager to attend another one and see how they have evolved from last year which was a very good experience.

    There’s no one right answer to your question – of course, you can always go to a bit of TechEd in Madrid also, since the TechEd portion is longer. Maybe InnoWeekend in Madrid and then Sapphire (assuming you go to Madrid for several days).

    These are tricky decisions. As a hands-on technologist you’ll get invaluable skills at TechEd. But: if you’re networking and looking for work, you might mingle with more decision makers at Sapphire Now. If you’re not as concerned with meeting decision makers personally, you might find you can track Sapphire Now virtually (watching keynotes virtually for example) and benefit more from the hands-on TechEd sessions. But again, it’s your call with your priorities in mind.

    The ultimate solution is TechEd Vegas and Sapphire Now Madrid, perhaps with Innovation Weekend prior. 🙂

    – Jon

    1. Jason Cao
      Hi Eric,
      it was actually Simon who suggested Innovation Weekend. And I would totally agree with Simon and Jon on joining SAP InnoJam (new name for Innovation Weekend) as well. You’ll find details on InnoJam here:

      Both SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd events will be co-located in Madrid. My heart’s with TechEd, but I plan on blocking out some time to visit the SAPPHIRE NOW showfloor. I expect those committed to SAPHHIRE NOW will also do the same for TechEd.


      1. Bala Prabahar
        If I were you-as Jon and Simon recommended-, I would attend InnoJam followed by TechEd in Las Vegas. I would primarily use InnoJam to acquire technical knowledge/skills and Tech Ed for networking. Of course, I would pick Hands-on sessions(TechEd) carefully so it augments the technologies I learnt during InnoJam.
        I concur with Jon and Jason regarding InnoJam. I attended last year and enjoyed every minute. Last year I didn’t have a clue about InnoJam before attending. But this year is different. I’m going to plan ahead to not only improve my ways of acquiring skills but also follow up using that skills. During InnoJam, you’ll have access to the developers who developed/ing the technologies you would be using. So your idea of networking would happen with two communities:
        You’ll have an opportunity to impress
        1) SAP developers and
        2) Other customers who would be participating in InnoJam.

        And remember in Sapphire or Tech Ed, you would be busy attending sessions and listening to others. Whereas in InnoJam, you’ll have an option of picking one or more of the following:
          1) Just talking or
          2) Listening to SAP developers/other customers or
          3) Developing or
          4) All of the above.
        Last year I (hands-on person like you) certainly learnt the magic of collaboration during InnoJam.

        Good luck.

      2. Éric Ledu Post author
        Hi Jason

        Thx a lot for your information on Innojam and for the URL!
        I had checked the SAP TechEd website: I could find Innojam on the Vegas date, and not on the Madrid date…
        so it was a strong point in favour of Vegas.

        In any case, I definitely think I will attend Innojam, wherever I’ll go !!


    2. Éric Ledu Post author
      wouldn’t you be an American Airlines or Delta shareholder ? 😉
      Yes it would be great to have time and money to do both…I’ll check if I can do it
      But thx very much but all the information
  4. Former Member
    I am with Jon an Jason.  If you are on the geek side I would attend TechEd and try to do the one in Vegas which is the biggest of all.  There is actually roadmap stuff there as well. 

    Hope this helps.


    1. Éric Ledu Post author
      thx for the input : I didn’t even know that some TechEd events were larger than others….
      I definitely think Vegas TechEd and InnoJam would be perfect for me, if possible.
  5. Former Member
    Hi Eric,

    The co-location of SAPPHIRENow and SAP TechEd 2011 in Madrid definitely will give you a magnitude of sessions and content to choose from.

    SAP TechEd is SAP’s premier technical education conference and our sessions are geared towards those who are installing, upgrading, optimizing, and developing with SAP NetWeaver platform, SAP BusinessObjects solutions, and mobile technologies (i.e. techies).  We have both lecture sessions which include deep technical demos and hands-on workshops where you get to experience the SAP solutions with your own hands!  The SAP TechEd sessions are lead by expert product managers, solution managers, and developers.  Roadmap and strategy sessions on these solutions are also covered from the technology point of view.

    SAPPHIRE Now showcases the latest in Business Analytics and Mobility as well as demonstrates how SAP solutions drive business results and enable profitable growth.  These sessions provide senior executives, business managers, and decision makers the chance learn about the value SAP systems bring to your business, meet other customers who’ve benefited from SAP systems, and meet with the SAP ecosystem partners that can support your business needs.

    There will be two registrations for Madrid to ensure you have access to the content you want to see.  The SAP TechEd 2011 Madrid registration will allow you access to the hands-on workshops, technical deep dive lectures as well as all the keynotes, SAPPHIRE Now sessions, exhibitors, pods, networking sessions, evening event, and meals.  The SAPPHIRENow registration will allow access to all the keynotes, SAPPHIRE Now sessions, exhibitors, pods, networking sessions, evening event, and meals as well as a sample of the SAP TechEd lectures that happen in the showfloor theaters.

    My recommendation is to let the content decide.  The SAP TechEd 2011 lectures, hands-on workshops, and pod topics are global and offered in Las Vegas, Bangalore, and Madrid.  So even though we have not published the SAP TechEd sessions for Madrid yet, the same SAP sessions published for Las Vegas will be offered.

    The content for SAPPHIRE Now will be published closer to the event, but the sessions from Orlando are available online.  Even though the sessions will be different in Madrid, this will give you a good idea of what you can expect at SAPPHIRE Now Madrid.

    I hope this gives you good insight into the SAPPHIRE Now and SAP TechEd Madrid events.  We look forward to seeing you in Madrid!

    Best regards,

    Christina Miller (Content Manager, SAP TechEd)

    1. Éric Ledu Post author
      Thx a lot for all the information : this is the really an excellent explanation on the twin event.
      In fact I have now all the information I need (and even more : some comments suggested I tried LAS VEGAS, and it seems to be a good choice for networking)
      I just have to calculate the budgets now 🙁
      Best regards


  6. Former Member
    If you are interested in both SAP TechEd and SAPPHIRE NOW sessions -you should register for SAP TechEd.  A SAP TechEd registration will give you access to all of the hundreds of hours of hands-on technical content, plus access to all the SAPPHIRE NOW sessions.
    1. Éric Ledu Post author
      Hi christine,
      Yes I agree : I should register for TechEd, and do SAP TechEd on 8th and 11th, and SAPPHIRE NOW on 9th and 10th….
      But I am a strong believer of Murphy’s law, and I can bet that all the interesting TechEd sessions for me will be during those mix dates !
      Best regards
  7. Former Member
    It’s my favorite event.  But I am a technical geek.  Decide on the content you want to see.  And don’t get me wrong Teched is not just for technical people.  There is enough to interest all sides.  Check out all the tracks.  (Although I tend to cross over into different tracks.)  

    But I’v heard Sapphire is amazing too.  Personally, I’ve never been to one.  Our training budget is limited.

    Enjoy – what a nice decision you have to make.  A lot of the readers cannot go to either!


  8. Éric Ledu Post author
    I thought I had to give you the follow-up status, as you have all be very kind to give me a lot of opinions and information !

    1) I will be more interested in Tech Ed, as I already have the basic knowledge of the products and the strategy (after all, tomorrow I am GIVING a lecture on SAP BI 4.0 for SAP France with homemade screencams….)

    2) for my american-job-networking goal, Las Vegas (which was NOT on my mind when I wrote the blog…) seems quite interesting, isn’t it ?

    3 The big surprise ! the SAPTechEd price is the same in Spain and the US…. but with different currencies!!!
    So in fact it is even cheaper for me to go from france to Las Vegas than Madrid

    ==> I am going to try to go to Las Vegas, and follow TechEd AND InnoJam.

    Thank you all for the time you spent commenting this blog.
    I think it proves the value of a Community such as SCN : I had a choice between 2 options, and I choose a new option, with confidence because I know why I made this choice.

    Hope to see you there !!

  9. Former Member
    Personally, I always enjoy SAP TechEd the most, and I am NOT a geek but a marketing person. If you ARE a geek, SAP TechEd is hands down the better event for you, but, why do I like SAP TechEd the best?

    I think that at SAP TechEd you’ll find the true community spirit. The Club House is the place where everybody meets and networks, the expert sessions are a mixed bag of discussions and engagements, where you will always meet new people and learn something totally unexpected….and I could go on. I really enjoy SAPPHIRE and it’s flashy and amazing, but if you want to feel “home” and part of a community, SAP TechEd is it.

    1. Éric Ledu Post author
      I am really happy that you agree on the SAPtechEd choice…..because I have already payed for the registration and the plane ticket 😉
      Have a nice holiday, and see you there !!
  10. Ingo Hilgefort
    Hi Eric,

    based on our interactions so far I would see yourself more on the SAP TechED side. Knowing that you are working with SAP BusinessObjects in an SAP landscape… how about coming to TechED Vegas and you come a day earlier and join the full day hands on workshop for SAP BusinessObjects 4.0

    best regards


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