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Ok, So finally the wait is over, and the most awaited portal is available for general release. If you haven’t heard about it yet, refer:

There was already quite a build up going on for quite some time(, and like every one,  I too was eagerly awaiting to get my hands on Netweaver 7.3.

After going through the pain of installing Netweaver portal 7.3, i thought I should share my experience to make it easier for others. 

The screen shots and the details mentioned are taken on following system:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP 32 bit with SP2
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel core 2 Duo CPU

The idea behind telling the system detail is to make yo aware that you need to make some changes in case you ar installing on a different system, and the steps mentioned in the blog may be required to be altered. .

I have included quite a few screen shots intentionally, because like many I also believe a picture conveys more than thousand words.

Let’ get going…

Downloading the Installation files

The downloads are available through Service market Place to all the customers. SAP hasn’t released a sneak preview on SDN, but I am sure they will do it soon.

1. Login to Service Market place

2. Navigate to Software Downloads->Installation and Upgrades->Browse our Download Catalog

3. Click on SAP Netweaver and complementary products->SAP Netweaver->SAP Netweavr 7.3

4. Click on Installation -> Windows Server->SAP DB


5. As I mentioned I am installing the portal on a 32 bit OS, I have downloaded the files for 32 bit


6. Optionally you can also download the Portal add on for (Forums and Wiki), more about installing and configuring these in next blog

7. Download the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 6 from here

8. After you have downloaded all the files in one folder it will look like


9. Extract the files using WinRar, don’t extract the JCE policy :-), you will have a folder structure like:


Preparing your system for Installation

Configure Microsoft Loop Back Adapter

If you have got a network connection this step is not mandatory, but from my experience I will suggest, use this, it will save you lot of hassles.

Refer to Page6- Page12 of this document, which has got detailed screen shots.

Increase the Virtual Memory

Depends on how much space you have in the Hard disk, but now a days Hard disk space is not an issue (I have moderate 500GB Hard disk space), so I have set it at maximum size (7632MB).

Turn On the 3GB Switch

This is important if you are using  32 bit OS and have 3GB or more RAM. Not required if you are using 64 bit OS or have 2GB RAM

Refer to:

Starting the Installation

It’s difficult to provide the screen shot of all the steps, however I have tried to put the screen shots of important steps.

The one screen shot i missed and might be tricky for someone new to installing SAP WAS, is to locate the SAPCRYPTO.SAR file. You can find it in:


1. Navigate to 51040410_15\\DATA_UNITS\\NW730_WPL_IM_WIN_I386_ADA and start sapinst.

2. Select Typical Server Installation


3. Fill in the parameters, take help of the attached screen shots wherever required.

Below screen shot shows, the directory where JAVA_J2EE-OSINDEP_UT is located.

4. Below screen shot shows, the usage type options available, you may select all

5. Screen shot shows the dirctory to locate MaxDB

6. Don’t get nervous if you see this . Just click on No, and installation will continue.

sc10 (1).JPG

7. Locate the JCE policy as shown

sc11 (1).JPG

8. Revise the parameters before starting the installation


9. Now you are Good to start with the installation. It takes anywhere between 2-4 hrs depending on the Hardware and the usage type selected, so please be patient.

Starting and Stopping the Server

Accept my congratulations, if you have reached here. You have a local Netweaver 7.3 installation ready to be explored.

You can start or stop your server using SAP Management Console. However if your server doesn’t start after you restart your machine, read below before posting a question.

1. In my case the MAXDB service start type was set as Manual, and hence it was not getting started automatically.

Type Services.msc in your run prompt.


2. Start the Service Manually, and set the startup type as automatic so that in future it gets started automatically


3. Now start the server through SAP Management Console.

Time for some action : Login to the system

Start the browser and login to the system, using ID administrator and the password which you provided during isntallation. Explore the new features of Netweaver 7.3 and share your learnings.


What next..?

In the next blog of this series I am planning to write about additional installation/configuration (Wiki, Forum) and setting up NWDS for development.

Let me know if you are interested about any particular topic, I can try to explore and write about that.

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  1. Aviad Rivlin
    Great blog Kumar. Thanks for taking the time and writing this detailed blog.
    Looking forward to your follow-up blogs.


  2. Former Member
    Thanks for the blog. I have just one update .. the SAPCRYPTO.SAR file that came with the package did not work. I had to download the Crypto file separately and then it was fine.


    1. Kumar Prashant Post author
      Thanks for the update Manish. I was not interested in configuring SSL so didn’t install the SAPCRYPTO.SAR. Later I realized that someone might be interested so provided the path.


  3. Former Member
    Hi Kumar,

    These blogs are always better to read than the marketing bs that some of the sections of SDN are flooded with lately. Great job!

    I’ll write up my experiences as well when I start installing NW 7.3 on a Unix based serrver.


    Jan Laros

  4. Former Member

    did you use the sapjvm_6 or which version ?
    If yes, did you just copied the unzipped folder somewhere and added the JAVA_PATH ?

    1. Kumar Prashant Post author
      Hi Kai,
      I didn’t use the sapjvm_6 explicitly, I believe you only need Java to start the installer after it extracts the JVM which is bundled with the installables and uses that.(I was using Sneak preview of ABAP so I laready had jdk1.4 setup as my JAVA_HOME.)However for NWDS I had to download the JDK 1.6 form Oracle’s site.


  5. Former Member

    I have a 64-bit system on which I want to install Netweaver 7.3.. I could not find MaxDB for 64-bit system on SMP.. 32 bit MaxDB is not working on my system.. Do you know how can I get 64-bit MaxDB?


  6. Former Member
    Hi Kumar,
    I really liked it.Installation and the configuration is indeed a painful task for non-basis people. Your blog really helped in that part.


  7. Former Member
    Hey hey! Just looking for first experiences in EP. For this i wanted to build a sandbox-system (user-administration, development, etc). I just read some tutorials using NW Java 7.0 Trial from SDN which is not available any longer 🙁

    So if my company allowed me to download the files you mentioned, could I use your guide to build a sandbox-system with just one pc (e.g at home) or can anything be said against it?

    Would you help me getting started? Thank you very much!

    1. Kumar Prashant Post author
      Hi Wolfgang,

      Definitely yo can install and configure the Sand box at your home PC. I have one. For trial versions SAP issues a 90 days trial license. You can request for an extension of the trial license once these 90 days are expired. So long as you are using it for learning and not as a productive system, there is no issue.
      You are right the the Netweaver portal 7.0x is not available for download on SDN for Windows OS. However the downloads are available for Linux. You can however get the downloads from Service Market Place. This blog is about Netweaver Portal 7.3 which is quite different from Netweaver Portal 7.0x. You first need to decide, which portal version you want to install. The whole purpose of SDN is to help each other. I would love to be of any help to you.
      Happy learning.


  8. Former Member
    Hello Kumar

    Your blog is awesome, thank you very much for share it…

    I have already  started download the files and I’ll try to install it. However, I have a doub: Could I install it on my laptop and launch some portal services (such as ESS or MSS) from an SAP IDES system?…

    Best regards

    1. Kumar Prashant Post author
      Hi Emilio,

      Thanks for dropping a line. If your question is around the Business package, there is no Business package available for Netweaver Portal 7.3 yet. As of today my suggestion will be ti use Portal 7.3 in a Federated Portal Scenario, where you can use Portal 7.0x as producer and 7.3 as consumer. If your question is regarding connecting to the back end system, yes you can do that.


  9. Former Member
    Hi there.

    Great blog!
    I have some additional questions. I also want to test some KM functions under 7.3.
    Which components (SCAs) must I download for JSPM? Or is there an usage type EP for download for 7.3?


  10. Former Member
    Hello Kumar, thanks for your reply..

    I have other question:
    I just installed a trial version of SAP Netweaver CE 7.2 Developer Edition on my laptop. The installation was sucessfully and the instances are running fine. I can launch the start page of the Java AS, and I would like to launch some ESS function.

    It is possible?, If in back-end system are installed the BP for ESS and MSS, could I run the Web dynpro applications included in these BP?

    Best regards

    1. Kumar Prashant Post author
      Hi Emilio,
      Unfortunately, there is no business package available for CE 7.2. Personally I don’t see any use case for CE 7.2 after 7.3 launch, and i don’t think SAP is going to launch the BP for CE.
      If you want to use/test ESS-MSS functionalists opt for Portal 7.0X, 7.02 is the most updated one.
      You can download the installation files from Service Market Place.


      1. Former Member
        Thank you Kumar

        Maybe, my bad English and my limited knowledge of Netweaver, not allowed to express me properly.

        Anyway, when you say “business package”, are you talking about BP in R/3 supported in SAP NW CE 7.2? If my customer already have installed the BP for Employee Self-Service 1.41, Could they use it in SAP NW CE 7.2 or 7.3?

        I really appreciate your help

        Best regards

  11. Former Member

    Very good blog. I am new new to SAP.

    As a developer I am looking to install Netweaver.

    Would it be good to install SAP Netweaver CE 7.2 developer workspace
    or SAP Netweaver 7.3 Developer.

    You have two blogs one for server and one for developer.

    Would I install both, locally on my PC

    Please guide me as to what I need to be Installing in order to start developing using Java…
    Thank you

  12. Former Member

    Great Great Blog, but please tell me what i am doing wrong.

    I selected first 2 usage types as i dont need another usage types.

    But, i also see that EP and EP Core are not listed under usage types.

    anyways, i went ahead with the installation selecting the first two usage types and i was not able to log into http:\\locahost:50000\irj\portal but was able to login to http:\\localhost:50000\startPage

    I feel that due to missing usage types EP and EPCore i was not able to log in to portal.

    Am i right ?? Or what i am missing here ??

    1. Kumar Prashant Post author

      First thing I would suggest to do is check whether the usage type EP has been installed using: http://<host>:<port>/nwa/sysinfo . If my memory serves me right I also didn’t see any explicit option for selecting the usage type EP or EPCore. Incase you don’t see the EP usage type in system information page you can upload the scas which are there under the folder JAVA_J2EE_OSINDEP_UT using JSPM. This should allow you to add the usage type EP.



  13. Former Member

    Hai Kumar Prashant

    Great Blog,

    This blog was very helpful for me, to install NW 7.3. Could u guide me in post installation activities for the same.

  14. Former Member

    Hello Kumar,

    Wonderful blog.
    I notice the examples provided is based on MAXDB.
    In fact, I would like to install one based on Oracle,
    could not found download files such as
    NW7.3 Developer workplace Oracle Windows Server IA64 64bit.
    Do you know the reason for this?

    Thank you in advance.


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