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The thought appeared in my mind while taking few SAP courses recently in a training institute which runs hundreds of courses in a month. I related each function of the training facility with the functionalities offered by SAP in its Training & Event Management tool and thought to share these with fellows who’re new to HR and want to understand the tool. 

Building Blocks of TRAINING

Before understanding what SAP offers in its Training & Event Management component, let’s first see what constitutes training as a standalone function. 

We can divide the general training function to Training Facilities, the Training itself and the administrative activities to arrange the training. 

  • Training facilities may includeA Building where training is impartedTraining resources to help the training delivery
  • Training itself has various elements such asThe courses to be deliveredThe parameters which surround the training
  • Administration activities refer to Bookings and other necessary correspondence to carry out the functionAttendance, Evaluations and other reporting to follow-up on training

High Level Description of Training Function


BUILD the Training

When we’ve the building blocks of training ready we should be able to ‘build’ the training. But wait! Each of these blocks basically requires you to consider various things:

  • An address to define the location of your training institute.
  • The classrooms to be used for training delivery.Resources such as stationery, slideshow instruments etc. 
  • List of courses, their specifications, schedules etc.
  • Frequency and duration of coursesPlanning, organizing, administering, billing, reporting and various similar recurring activities
  • Correspondence & Follow-ups with trainers, trainees, training admins etc

In addition to these activities there’re various others which need to be considered to have a successful training function. 


How SAP helps?

The functionality offered by SAP in its Training Management components, Training & Event Management / SAP Learning Solution, covers all of the above-mentioned functions of typical training; SAP LSO being the latest tool offering extended functionalities on top of the Training Management functions previously available in Training & Event Management. 


With the tools, you can define even the minute details of Training Organization, Resources and Costs etc. Additionally you can define comprehensive course catalogs thus outlining the curriculum with details on each course, in terms of availability, planning, occurrence etc. The administration part of the training is supported with various types of options from typical reporting on attendance to complex reporting on each of the training element. 



SAP Learning Solution adds to typical functions of Training Management and provides you the options of e-learning and course content development with Learning Portal and Authoring Environment – additional functions to typical Training Management. 

My equation for a training model:

Training Management + Learning Portal + Authoring Environment = SAP Learning Solution = a Successful and up-to-date Training Model 

If you like to add something on what I’ve said, please feel free to comment. 

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