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Embedding an Xcelsius visualization in a Web Intelligence report

In order to have more charts options in Web Intelligence, you have the possibility to embed an Xcelsius chart into a Web Intelligence report. Here are the steps to achieve this. (Please note that this will only work in a DHTML Web Intelligence report)

1st step : Build your Xcelsius dashboard to include the visualization of your choice (gauge chart in this example)

1) Create the Xcelsius dashboard as in the picture above. The green cell contains the formula for the

country dimension lookup:+


+The yellow cells are the business objects data from a webservice on beach

universe (Country and Sales Revenue)

The grey cell is the variable “Country”

2) Then, create a Flash variable named “country” and

assign it to the grey cell

3) Assign Data by indicators and assign the

value from the green cell. 

4) Save

and export the Xcelsius dashboard to SAP BusinessObjects Entreprise.

2nd Step: Building the Web Intelligence document

5) In Infoview, retrieve the docID of the

Xcelsius object you exported.

6) Create a Web Intelligence document based on Beach

universe, with a table (Country, Revenue), and add a Free Cell that you will

set to “Read as HTML”.

The free cell should have a formula like :





scrolling=”Char(34)“no”Char(34)” marginheight=”Char(34)“0”Char(34)



(Country) Char(34)“+>”

7) Set the table as an input control (

8) Click on a value (e.g., France) from the table, your report should like this:


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  • thanks for the blog, could be handy this.

    I was thinking could we use a relative address over a fixed address?

    i.e. use: /OpenDocument/..
    instead of: http://:8080/OpenDocument/..
    Or won't that work?
    Relative addresses would mean less problems with reverse proxies, load balancers, promotion of content between dev, test and prod, also no need to update the server:port if it changes!

    thanks, Matt

    • Hi Matt, according to the iframe specification this should work

      Value     Description
      URL     The address to the document to show in the iframe.

      Possible values:
      An absolute URL - points to another web site (like src="")
      A relative URL - points to a file within a web site (like src="default.htm")

      I haven't tested though as i re-snapshoted my VM!

  • This is a great post.. I wish SAP would please add this kind of functionality to WebI out of the box.. Not rocket science here.

    Thanks again!

    • You are obviously insert the whole formula in a text cell, click that cell and go to the properties tab, in Display there is an option Read cell content as, select HTML in its drop down list.
      Hope that helps.
  • Hi,
    Using this feature, can I call the SWF files from the InfoView in a Webi Report.  Suppose I have a Dashboard being used by the users in the InfoView and that Dashboard has live data.  Can I embed that dashboard in a Webi report?  If yes, will it work fine in a report too?  This is something which would be really cool if possible.
  • Just wondering if I've done anything wrong. I've done the same thing and it's worked and displays the report and refreshes nicely but I noticed that once you try to close the report in InfoView, the swf files keep loading up as well as the report itself again. Have I missed something or should I raise this as an issue?