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Since last week the brand new NetWeaver 7.3 release left the so called “ramp up” phase and now is available to all SAP customers (and those who want to become such). I will not repeat all the new features, as you can find them on SDN in the SAP NetWeaver 7.3.

But there are a few facts that do not fit in those official and dry announcement messages. First and most important: This is a full SAP NetWeaver release. This means that this is the most complete update since the well known release 7.0 and all of it’s enhancement packages.

Who get’s the most out of it?

How to measure that? Well, the clear winners to me are all Enterprise Portal installations of over 6000 customers using it out there.

Yes, there have been updates for the portal too on the CE releases, but for many customers this was not satisfying without an upgrade path due to some missing parts. With SAP NetWeaver 7.3 this upgrade path exists and that is like your old car gets booster rockets. Besides the nice new features the whole engine now runs under Java 6 and finally is updated to an environment that bridges five years of development and some renovation of the infrastructure that gives a seldom opportunity: It should run faster after the update even without updating the hardware.

The second biggest issue for me is the end of the double stack. For years customers tried to get around to install the famous double stack, which did not quite achieve what we had planned for it. We had realized it, but the way out of this was not easy, as splitting a double stack is more complicated than installing it. Now this trick has been found and several installations support the split installation and put your system into two. Of course, if you do not want to do this, you may continue to run the old double stack (Seems that some customers got used to it finally and found reason to keep it as is).

Another group taking profit out of this update are those using Business Process Management. The NetWeaver CE 7.3 now makes it possible to run BPM together with the portal (as you can update your portal) and such reduce the needed landscape for BPM applications.

How about ABAP?

The majority of things I just mentioned are Java technology and those of you who can’t wait to get your fingers on a new ABAP release have been left out so far. In fact it is a lot easier for us to integrate the latest ABAP stuff into the existing 7.0 environment via Enhancement Packages and so there is not that much new stuff in 7.3. In addition there is not yet a version of SAP Business Suite that runs on top of SAP NetWeaver 7.3 (and no, I’m not entitled to announce any planning dates).

But! To run SAP NetWeaver 7.3 with several parts of the SAP Business Suite, there are Add Ons needed. Most important for this is the status of compatibility (if you cannot wait, just check in Note 1532805 – Add-On Compatibility of SAP NetWeaver 7.3)

This is my very personal view on what is most important in SAP NetWeaver 7.3. If you have not found what you are looking for please refer to the complete feature descriptions linked at the beginning of this blog.

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  1. Marlo Simon
    Hello Benny,

    Great news last week when GA was announced.
    I´ve been working hard to convince my current client to use 7.3 instead of 7.2/7.1 in a brand new CE/PI landscapes. Now I glad that the project was a little late and we had stakeholders to support the idea. We are going NW 7.3!

    Marlo Simon.

      1. Former Member

        The Product Availability Matrix shows the complete list of products that you can upgrade to NetWeaver 7.3 from.  PI users would be happy to see the following (there are many others listed also) are all on the list:

        – SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NW PI 7.1
        – SAP NETWEAVER PI 7.1
        – SAP NETWEAVER 7.0
        – SAP NETWEAVER 04

        Of course, rather than just upgrade an existing dual-stack installation, you may also want to consider the Java only deployment option (AEX – Advanced Adapter Engine Extended) which is now available in NetWeaver 7.3.


  2. Former Member

    What do you mean by “The second biggest issue for me is the end of the double stack”. I’m doing a new install of 7.3 (for BW) and I’m reading the master guide and I have started the SAPINST. It still looks like I have to install a separate java (using a new SID and a new database/filesystem)?

    svein kolden

    1. Benny Schaich-Lebek Post author
      Hello Svein,
      “the end” in this case means a general decision. At the same time it still is possible to continue a double stack installation for those who do not want to change their installation and in some cases, as with BI, the transformation has not yet been closed. This means that  a double stack for BI is still needed.


  3. Former Member
    We are runing erp 6.0 enh 4 and 7.01.  we are about to up grade to erp enh 5 and 7.02 for abap but there are some performance corrections in netweaver 7.3.  Can we stay on 7.02 for abap on the backend and use 7.3 on our portal to get the portal performance help.  Is this scenario recommended.


      1. Former Member
        Are there any issues with ESS/MSS on netweaver 7.3 “abap or java ess/mss”. Our only application is ESS/MSS on the portal, no custom applications. In Enh 6 majority of the ESS/MSS has been rewritten in Abap is it recommended to stay 7.02 for the portal since we plan on turning on the new abap ESS/MSS enhancements in the near future.  If we upgrade just the portal netweaver to 7.3 is it going to cause any issues with ess/mss having two different paths in our landscape.

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