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As you know Netweaver 7.3 is released on 30 May 2011. And I have a project on Netweaver 7.3. So I decided to make some modifications on my 7.3 test system. When I installed 7.3 and logged on I saw some changes. I tried old school methods to change logon page of portal, but I couldnt achieve. I found the way to change logon page after some Google searches, and decided to share this information with community.

First get war file of logon application. Its’ location is: <drive>:\\usr\\sap\\<SID>\\J00\\j2ee\\cluster\\apps\\\\\\servlet_jsp\\logon_ui_resources\\tc~sec~ume~logon~ui.war(In 7.3 version there is no more PAR files!)


Import the WAR file of the default logon user interface application into the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. To import the WAR file, choose File->Import and navigate to the file.This project depends on tc~sec~ume~logon~logic_api.jar file. Also get this file from server: <drive>:\\usr\\sap\\<SID>\\J00\\j2ee\\cluster\\apps\\\\\\servlet_jsp\\logon_app\\root\\WEB-INF\\lib


Edit project references as seen on image:


Change the content of the imported WAR file as needed.
Create a new EAR and include the module of the logon application. Open the application-j2ee-engine.xml file. Add provider name for application. If you enter as the provider name, the application deploys to the following path: <ASJava_Installation>/j2ee/cluster/apps/<project_name>
Now add/change URL alias for your application. If application.xml does not exist you can it using context menu of Deployment Descriptor in the project.


Deploy the application. Your application is ready to use. But you must modify UME properties. You can modify UME properties from Config Tool, but Netweaver 7.3 provides you a web based tool for editing UME properties. Type http://<host>:port/nwa your browsers adress bar and follow this menu: Configuration->Authentication->Properties. Change the property “Alias of the aplication for customizing login pages (ume.logon.application.ui_resources_alias):” value from “/logon_ui_resources” to “/custom_logon”. That’s all! Do not forget to restart your Java AS!

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Erhan,

    I could not find the complete blog and could see only 1 image.

    Could you share the link or provide us information how we can see the complete blog.


  2. Former Member

    Hi!, I’m really interested on this procedure..can you upload it in another server? I really need to know this solution please

    I hope you can help me thanx

  3. Former Member

    Please please fix this blog – we urgently need this blog as we are currently in progress with an upgrade project from 7.0 to 7.3… Please Please Please.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Erhan,

       I can only first screen of the blog please help me out in viewing complete steps in modifying CE logon page. its king of urgent for me.



  5. Former Member


    thanks to this post, I could customize the logon page quite easiely. But I also want to use the resetPasswordPage.jsp that’s included in the .war-file.

    Is there any option to use this instead ob the WebDynpro that’s actiated via the “Logon_Help” action?

    greetings Chris

  6. Former Member

    To add/use reset password functionality for end users (resetPasswordPage.jsp in the above mentioned .war), you can add the following code to certLogonPage.jsp (https) or logonPage.jsp (http):

    <!– logon help –>

    <tr><td align=”left” colspan=”3″>

    <span class=”urLblStdBar”><%=logonLocale.get(“LOGON_IN_PROBLEM”)%></span><a href=”j_security_check?helpActionPage=PASSWORD_RESET” class=”urLnk”><span class=”urTxtStd”><%=logonLocale.get(“REQUEST_PASSWORD_RESET”)%></span></a>                                                  


    This displays the password reset functionality under the respective application path FQDN/<appl-context-root>/j_securoty_check and requires only FQDN/logon_ui_resources/.. as an additional path – that might be helpful in scenarios where the webdynpro-resources are not open/accessible to public.

    Using the new password reset functionality (“support link”: Enabling Users to Reset Their Own Password – Identity Management – SAP Library and Configuring Logon Help – Identity Management – SAP Library ) opens an new window and then displays a WebDynpro-application that looks quite different to the logon screen. That WebDynpro-application needs access to /webdynpro/dispatcher/* and /* .

    Configuring the Logon Screen – Identity Management – SAP Library




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