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Innovations in 4.0: Personalized, Self-Service Access to Information

Innovations in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0, we are delivering a more Innovations in 4.0: Unified User Experience including one of the main user touch points, the BI portal now known as BI launch pad (aka InfoView in 3.x and older versions) and a new browser-based application – BI workspace, provided as part of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.


Self-Service Access

The BI launch pad is an important part of any strategy to provide access and deliver relevant information to anyone within your business network. It’s often the door to existing corporate information and as such, it must be able to present the information available in an efficient and visually attractive way so users don’t lose time manually sifting what is relevant from what is not for their particular task or decision. Filtering and pertinent search options are therefore critical to assist users in quickly finding the right information.

The BI launch pad gets a new modern styling and more intuitive look and feel. Companies deploying SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 should see greater user productivity with improved BI search relevancy and usability and optimized workflows:

  • Allow users to work multiple documents at the same time (multiple tabs)
  • Narrow down the content they are looking for and reduce page scrolling with revamped search capabilities and new filtering widgets
  • Navigate to a particular folder and use a filter (for this folder only) in order to limit the number of items shown so users can retrieve the report, dashboard, or analysis they are looking for
  • Reduce manual steps to schedule and send from document viewers

 BI launch pad


Personalized Information Consumption

BI workspace is a browser-based application that is provided as part of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform. BI workspace brings users a richer, easier to use experience for finding, organizing and working with business intelligence content. It is an evolution of the Dashboard Builder product and it is meant to answer a number of specific needs:

  • Users want to centralize and unify the information that they use in their daily activities. They want to streamline their work by eliminating the need to access multiple applications, and gain a comprehensive look at all of their information from a central location.
  • Reusing existing content is always a good practice for maintaining high-quality assets while reducing time and effort. A good implementation of reusable components also makes it easy to add to existing content.
  • Companies today want to empower their business users by giving them tools to perform tasks that traditionally have been carried out by the IT department. This will result in higher user satisfaction on the one hand, and decreased IT costs on the other.

BI workspaces are most suitable for displaying BusinessObjects reports and applications, such as: Dashboards (Xcelsius), Web Intelligence, Analysis and Crystal Reports documents. Workspace can also display SAP BusinessObjects Explorer informations spaces, although a better visual experience would dictate its own separate tab. BI workspaces can also display other content types such as external web pages, Microsoft Office documents, and PDF documents. Finally, workspaces can be viewed via openDocument or in your favorite enterprise portal using the Portal Integration Kit.



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  • Its a good start for the New look of Info view as BI Launch Pad and features. Integration with Explorer.

    Thanks for the Post , it holds more information.