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Business Add-ons to ASAP Gain Momentum

Consolidating the existing platform

In 2010 SAP released over 60 new Business Add-ons to ASAP (Service Marketplace account required). In 2011 we have continued this growth with some exciting new Business add-ons which have recently been released including:


  • Agile Add-on
  • Complex Assembly and Manufacturing (CAMS)
  • SBO: Business Intelligence Architecture Design
  • SBO: Reporting Deployment
  • SBO: Business Planning and Consolidation
  • SBO: Upgrade and Competitive Migration
  • SBO: Dashboard Analytics Deployment
  • SBO: Data Integration
  • SBO: Data Federator
  • SBO: Financial Consolidation 

How to make Business Add-ons work for you

The description below provides an example of how a business add-on works, this is one scenario of the starting point, execution and final outcome of using a Business Add-on.


 demo Image

Pre Project Phase

Using the Business Add-on content can start even before the project has formally kicked off. To start using the relevant business add-ons or to check if a business Add-on is available for a specific scope of project please check the latest ASAP Roadmap that is populated with Business Add-ons.

From the list of available Business Add-ons in the HTML version select the relevant Business Add-ons based on the project requirements. To do this click on the Add-on view and select relevant Business Add-ons tick boxes before selecting the filter button.


Once the Business Add-ons have been filtered within the ASAP roadmap, they are differentiated by colour. Using the legend allows you to identify delivery content per Business Add-on. For each of the Business Add-ons content is highlighted in the roadmap by a larger box indicator in each node, futhermore by specific highlighted content nodes and accelerators.

In this example the Agile and Process Integration Business Add-ons have been selected by Paula based on her potential scope of project. Paula can now access relevant business content that can help her with her requirements definition.


Once Paula has completed her deliverables and the project is accepted at the customer Amanda and Poornesh can follow the same process of selecting the same Business Add-ons for initaiting the Project.

Project Initiation through execution and closing

Sometimes during project preparation and blueprinting phase a scope change is required by the project. Amanda and Poornesh can select additional business add-ons for the project using the Add-on view button and filtering the ASAP roadmap. In this example the customer has identified that they need a Promotions for Retail solution. Using the filtering functionality and selecting the Prpomotions ofr retail Business Add-on in the ASAP roadmap ensures that the relevant delivery content is available immediatly within the ASAP roadmap to both Amanada, Poornesh. Thus reducing the total cost of implementation and ensuring a improvement in the quality of the implementation.

Project Handover to operations

Once the project has been closed, Amanda and Poornesh, can complete the handover to the operations team. The use of the ASAP roadmap and selected buisness add-ons continues with Run phase content.  The diagram below indicates that we have increased the scope with the SAP Promotions Management for Retail during the project deleivery phase.  Now in the Run phase operational content is available as part of the Business Add-on ensure a smooth transition between project closure and operational start up.


Continuous Improvement 

The development of business Add-ons in 2011 is also tracking the latest trends in solution develoment and use of new tool systems for SAP implementations. We are working closely with a number of companies to develop new business add-ons that will enhance your SAP implementation.  As soon as these new Add-ons are released will will send out a new blog updating you on the latest Business Add-ons to ASAP.

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