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If you’re unable to open a zip archive after downloading it from EP-KM to your local client machine it can be quite frustrating, you might get an error saying the file is invalid or corrupted or get an error such as “Unexpected end of archive“, however there is usually a simple way to resolve this.
All files uploaded into KM Content have a mime type specified, in the case of zip files it’s either application/x-zip-compressed or application/zip. This mime type can become additionally compressed causing the file to appear corrupted when downloading.

So once you are aware of the mime type of the file, either application/x-zip-compressed or application/zip, you need to add this to the ‘Never Compressed’ list of the HTTP Provider in the J2EE Visual Administartor tool. This can be found under “Global Configuration -> Server -> Services -> HTTP Provider -> Properties -> Never Compressed” You should also add the file extension, e.g add *.zip,application/x-zip-compressed

NeverCompressed List

After clicking the ‘Update’ button and Saving the properties a J2EE restart is then required.

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  1. Benjamin Houttuin

    Experienced this myself, we had created functionality were a BI team placed on the KM folder and end-user could download them. Only on QA where we start using big zip files we had the same issue as you describe and solve. On Dev and
    Test we used 15KB ZIP files and therefore we didn’t experienced any problems. Very good that you documented this, in this blog…



  2. Former Member
    already zip files uploaded in KM before changing the configuration, you need to upload it again, changing the configuration and restarting is not enough.

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